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Which software did you use to make these great mindmaps?
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Is it based on Drury's book? thks!
I believe this document is for the first year accounting course, some questions have been taken from past exams and the book
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To pass the resit, is it required that we get 20/30 for the mcq's and 5.5/10, or is it just enough to get 25.5/40, regardless of whether we got 20 and 5.5?
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So done with those tricky passing norms.
Ye its really stupid.... Also when are the answers even being released? Like the sample answer
how has the ratio decreased? borrowing increases the liability but also increases the assets no?
Current ratio is current assets/current liabilities so in the beginning it is 375,000/150,000=2.5. Then the company borrows cash for 75,000, so current liabilities increase to 150,000+75,000 which gives 225,000. So the new current ratio is 375,000/225,000=1.7
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Queen!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
How do you calculate this ?
average cost= cost of goods available for sale/total units available for sale average cost=1164/82=14.20 cost of goods sold= 14.20x62=880 sales revenue=20*62=1240 gross profit= 1240-880=360 so A? Thats how I would do it but not sure can you confirm?
Thank you. Your way is correct, I get my mistake now.
Can somebody help me with question 13 and 23?
1st year depreciation: 2.800.000/5 = 560.000 -> 560.000*2 = 1.120.000 2nd year depreciation: 2.800.000 - 1.120.000 = 1.680.000 -> 1.680.000/5 = 336.000 -> 336.000*2 = 672.000 -> A
Thank you :)
Can somebody help me with this question? How do you calculate this?
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the 9000 have already been deducted
Ur right... the answer sheet made me overthink it. My bad -_-
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what if you don’t have your book
did someone make a formula sheet? if yes can you please upload it?
Can somebody please explain this one ?
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item 3 decreases accounts receivable and increases cash which cancels out. item 4 doesn't affect assets as the utility bill is not payed
thank you !!!
Can someone explain how to do this question please?
Average collection period=365/accounts receivable turnover accounts receivable turnover=net credit sales/average accounts receivable average accounts receivable= (437500+500000)/2=468750 accounts receivable turnover= 3000000/468750=6.4 average collection period=365/6.4=57 so A?
Yes it’s A thank you !
If you have any questions regarding the upcoming AFR resit you can post them as a comment and our tutor will try to help you ASAP!!
do you know if the baseball case study is going to be on the resit ( as it is probably not considered math )
From the information I have for the AFR resit there will be no questions regarding the baseball case or other lectures.
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Thank you for posting this, it’s really helpful!
can someone explain why the answer to 11 is C? thanks