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QMI Resit
Maastricht University

This is a recording of a three-session webinar designed to get you through your resit exam in Quantitative Methods I at Maastricht University.
QMI Resit
Maastricht University
with Emma Schäfer
9 hours video presentation
Including summary hand-out
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Duration 9 hours
Tutor Emma Schäfer
B.Sc. in International Business - Maastricht University (GPA: 8.52 // QMI & QMII: 10) // Current: M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management - Copenhagen Business School
Language English
Specialized for Resit exam in Quantitative Methods I
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Course Content
  •     Interest rates
  •     Function basics
  •     Inverse functions
  •     Differentiation
  •     Function Analysis with one and two variables


  •     Basic terminology: sampling, variables, etc.
  •     Charts, Tables and Distributions
  •     Interpreting Data: mean, median, IQR, etc.
  •     Normal Distribution
  •     Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing
  •     Probability


Tips for the exam
  •     General tips about how to prepare
  •     How to study and what to study when I have limited time?
  •     Tips for exam day
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