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This is the first part of my summary of the texts. Further ones will come (separately because I don't know which ones I will do when).

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Thanks Henrik! Hope you'll get your cards against humanity card set soon ;-)
Already got it :D
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wo werden eigentlich die "key differences between human and machinal intelligence" ersichtlich? finde es auch nicht so direkt aus dem voluntary reading :/
Aus Pflicht text: In each area where there are experts with years of experience, the computer can do better than the beginner, and can even exhibit useful competence, but it cannot rival the very experts whose facts and supposed heuristics it is processing with incredible speed and unerring accuracy. Mashine intelligense was created to avoid or reduce the human errors, because mashine can analyse huge amount of data , dont lost his concentration , but resulting rule-based performance will never be more than competent. In some areas competence may be all that is required, or it may turn out that, for bureaucratic reasons, rules must be followed.