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Gibt es zu der Veranstaltung ein Skript ? Is there a script for the event available?
Isn´t this wrong? Why does he take delta_p_th and not delta_p_act?! the formula fot the total efficency is: n_t=(delta_p_act*Q_act)/(2*pi*M*n) So we have: n_t=P_act/P_th Or am I wrong?!
Combining delta_p_th and Q_act makes absolutly no sense in my opinion!
Can anyone provide me with the correct solution to #16?
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Ah my brain processed it :D! The area on the left side is larger than on the right side so the air pressed out of the cylinder also additionally pressurizes the right side
Here is the solution I copied in class.
Isn't this all wrong?
Can someone explain the process of iteration here ? Id be thankfull
Can someone tell me something about the lab? What exactly is necessary to do in before? Do we need FluidLab? Or only FluidSim? Thanks!
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How does that work? I can't find anything about that...
Google and YouTube has your answer
Did the excercises change since the last three years or are they still the same? Thanks in beforehand for a short yes or no ;-)
You have to consider the efficiency of the motor! At first you calculate the theoretical values and then you estimate the efficiency out of the chart.
Someone got the solutions of problem sheet 4 problem 2?