Thinking Strategically

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Guys does someone have the exams and answers keys from last year?
Hi all, If an old student still has the answers for the weekly meeting exercices feel free to post it.. It would help us a lot !
How do you get to this?
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Same here. i get how you find 2/7 and 2/5 but not how you find 1/3e + 2/3g
I think it's just an example of 2/7 < q<2/5. Assuming you assign q probability to e and (1-q) probability to g. Let q= 1/3 and hence (1-q)= 2/3. Therefore getting 1/3e + 2/3g. The question is asking to give a mixed strategy of player 2 so i guess any q value that satisfies 2/7
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How do you find the probability distribution of the mixed strategy in exercise 1 ? So the 2/5
2(1-q)=3q solves for q=0.4