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Stupid question: if I get the same grade that before, how can I notice that it's a new grade? Also some guesses when we get the results?
the course will be back to "failed course" again before being added back into "current courses"
How did people find the resit?
In general, I think it was much more complicated than the first sit....
anybody remember their answers to questions 2 and 3?
We only need volume 2 of the Maastricht collection for the exam right?
yes, comparative public law
Did you guys passed the exam?
No, and I was confident to pass it
SAME!!!! I failed with a 5, and I've heard the same from a lot of students.. And the most annoying thing is that I solved the cases but did not mention all the little details even if I knew it when I checked the model answers.... I'm really afraid of the resit after this.....
I failed the resit although I was confident I would pass. For me, I find it hard to do open question exams even when I know about the subject. What can I do to improve? Please help!
I think that it is important that you know perfectly the structure for the practical parts because at the end it is really easy but it is too easy to loose “easy points” from things that you know, but you did not mention. And then for the theoretical questions, if you have time, you should say anything you know about the question because in the worst scenario they will not grade you for the extra information but you may get points for what you said. :)
Will there be an answer-model published for the criminal law exam?
what is the provision for duress in dutch law?
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Thank youu!! :)
It is art 40, which is used for duress and necessity. Art 41(2) is self defence excess!
What do you expect as a theoretical question? Principles of criminalisation? Thanks in advance, good luck!!
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My tutor said there may be question about the development recklessness case by case. Let's see...
I've heard that this was one of the tasks last year, do u think that it's still possible to get? :O (recklessness test in the UK, I mean)
Which is the exact wording for adequate causation?
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which basically means that the result must be foreseeable
Thanks :)
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love u ❤️❤️❤️
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I uploaded an updated version of the document :)
Thank you, super helpful to check my own plan with yours! I also added an 'attempt' (so at the beginning + voluntary withdrawal step) :)
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This is great! Thanks for updating it!!
you're welcome :)
Does anyone know what are the cases that we have to know?
Someone created a document with all of the cases! (Thanks to her btw)
If someone could post some previous exams or link to one (or more ) here that would be awesome!
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The problem is that these exams are quite old and outdated. Our tutor told us that old exams are more likely to confuse us than help us.
Only Unipasser's exams are helpful in my opinion
Can anyone else not open the slides?
Works for me :/ Maybe if you ask someone to send them by email you’ll be able to open them?
Can somebody post tutorial notes pls ?
Hey! Does anyone know if we can highlight/underline/use sticky notes in the Maastricht Collection for this exam?
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Thank you very much!
Tabs are also allowed
How do I differentiate what is important from what isn't while reading the source materials for the exams?
What do you guys expect to come up at the resit?
Everything that you also would have expected at the first sit ;)
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That' a life saver Thank you!!!!
english terrorism act - can I find it in the Maas. Collection or what then??
also these: English Sexual Offences Act 2003 Section 8 Health Act 2006, where do I find it please?
did anybody managed to go to the session they organised today and can post some notes?
someone has the course-book tasks solved and would be so nice as to share it? I'm still confused as to the presentation and structure of answers - anything would be helpful if it's according with the tutor's requirements! TY
anyone has a last minute summary of calvin about corporate liability??please
One of the last documents that were uploaded in this course is about croporate criminal liability. :)
How and where do you do that?
If you use the IRAC method is say during the RA part So introduce the issue, do this, then conclude
can someone make a quick summary of the corporate liability article please? :(
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Article 141 DCC is not in the Maastricht collection do we need to know it anyway?
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Hey many of the articles were omitted in the Maastricht Collection. Usually they aren't important in that case.
Okey thank u!!
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Our lord and savior. Thanks!
Does someone have a link or copy of E.colvin's article? The additional reading for week 7. Can't seem to find a free one online :/
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awesome. thanks!
how much of the article are we supposed to learn for the exam?
Bonjour beautiful comrades :) My question woukd be whether someone here knows if there are the study questions for session 6 uploaded. #holycondoms
Hey everyone, could someone please upload a table with the legal provisions for criminal law for the 3 countries? Thanks in advance
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Thanks for uploading this! Could you also please upload the other lectures?
Uploading some tonight hopefully, depends on how far I get with the summarys.
Thank you very much!!
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Hey, did you also make a summary of the chapter about inchoate offences ? If so, could you please post it. Thanks in advance
of course! :)
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love you. habibi
Could some people post their tutorials presentation powerpoint for some cases solving? Pls would help so much..
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sorry war nen bischen viel brudi
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michalzik lifestyle
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Tbh the documents by Emily Michalzik are the best that UM has to offer :) fantastic work again #bussinessasusual
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good shit, son
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could someone post the tutorial notes and answers to the cases? i would be eternally grateful
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