How did you guys memorize all the articles in the Social Behaviour course?
i just read through the abstracts and the results a few times in the days before the exam so it was fresh in my mind. i didnt have time to really memorize them because of how much social behavior and m&t were
I made a list of the articles and sorted them to the problem they belong to. On the list, I had the main author, year, topic and result (just in a few words) but I would suggest that you also take into account how they did the research (at least for the most central articles).
does anybody know, how they calculate the grade for this exam? the announcement says 62% (24.8 points) and i dont really get it because everyone said before that 60% (24 points), which i also have, are alright.
The announcement said that the 24.8 will be rounded down because 24.8 is not a full point. So either they round it down to 24.5 points or to 24 as far as I know.
What are the opening hours of the FPN Library, when does it close?
Is there anyone who has the answer to the 5 exam questions that were given in the lecture? Would be great to share them as I only think it was stereotype threat for the first one.
some ideas from my PBL group: 1: stereotype threat 2: we were also not sure here: self-serving bias, fundamental attribution error, self-enhancing 3: rape myth: beliefe in a just world 4: ELM Model: you process it with a central route bc. you are deeply involved. can lead to deep-seated attitudinal change 5: we were not sure here: it is about prosocial behavior, especially about the social responsibility norm. but we were unclear what it means that the homeless people received food no matter whether they had money or not. Maybe principalism plays a role here. --> So further clarifications on question 2 and 5 needed
According to my PBL group; 1. Stereotype threat 2. Attribution 3. Belief in a just world 4. Taking the central route 5. Equality/social responsibility norm
Hey, does anyone have some neatly arranged Mindmaps for each tasks to get an overall view on how things are connected? Would be so helpful :)
hey, I found some while scrolling through all the uploaded documents ! :)
Hello! For those taking the resit for Social Behaviour, do you know whether we also have 5 questions we do know beforehand? Thanks and good luck ;)
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Hey first of all thank you for sharing! Would you mind uploading the document as a pdf version as well? thxx
Did it :) Good luck!!
can someone tell the difference between the three ways co hanging schemas(bookkeeping, conversion and subtyping)?
Bookkeeping: Slow change by accumulating inappropriate information Conversion: Sudden schema change by accumulating a critical mess of disconfirming evidence Subtyping: Schemas become a subcategory after finding out about disconfirming evidence (A women who believed that all men are violent based on personal experiences will form a subcategory of non-violent men after she realized that not all men are violent)
Hey anybody knows what the task performance is all about?
Hey guys. Did anyone write down the 5 exam Questions that were mentioned in the social influence lecture? Some 2nd year students could not be there in the lecture, but would of course like to know about them!
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+ could someone maybe sent in the right answers, including all three options each? Thanks!!
These should be it
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you just saved me thank you so much ahahah
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thank you, thank you, thank you! you are awesome.
First of all, great summary! Thanks for that. Under the "Types of selves and identities" part there has to be a fourth type of identity: Relational Social identity; defining the self in relation to specific other people with whom one interacts in a group context.
Great idea, thank you! Anyway, concerning prejudice & discrimination, social stigma: homosexuality is something that definitely does NOT fit into the category "controllable stigma" (the example from the book next to smoking is obesity)! It is quite impossible to change your sexuality isn't it ;D. And it's not "cancelable stigmas" but "concealable" (= you can hide them), where homosexuality correctly fits
has someone summaries of all articles?
Hey guys, I can't share this on study drive because it's not a document but here is the link to the flashcards I made. It's far from all done yet but I'll upload more as I revise. Good luck!
thanks , they're really helpful !!! I'll use this site for my flashcards in the next period! Amazing
Anyone got some tips on how to study for the Social Behavior exam? There's so many keywords I don't even know where to start. Just learn the keywords for every specific topic and try to interconnect them? Cheers
I can just tell you which mistakes I made when I took the exam: - I didn't bring a dictionary to the exam - I didn't pay enough attention to definitions - I paid too much attention to studies nobody knows about - I didn't pay attention to the lectures, because I thought they were just duplicates of what we read so -> look at the lectures (it's gonna give you hints what they focus on) don't learn all the definitions, just the ones which are not too obvious (like for example door-in-the face tactic or how it's called, it's not obvious from the name). Pay attention to the central studies mentioned in the tasks and know them really well. Last year they asked for a very specific findings concerning the selfie article (do they still have it?), so make sure you know the details about that one. Know the 7 steps of attitudes or whatever that was in Rob's lecture. They asked the steps of attitude forming or sth and requested the right order. I could go on but it just wouldn't be very cohesive. Maybe send me the keywords and I can try to remember what was important.
Thank you so much!
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These questions are poorly written and wrong /partially correct answers are given.
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Do you also have the answers for this exam?
no, i'm sorry
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Hey man, do you happen to have the answers for these past papers? <3
nope, sorry:(
Hey guys! Do you know where I can find summarys of the articles we have to read for social behavior? Would be great for the exam :)
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Thanks! Just don’t know how much we’re sctually supposed to know. Little overwhelmed by all the stuff
I think that the articles are more here to illustrate a particular phenomenon we've studied. Try to know what the article is about (usually in the abstract) and what were the findings (discussion part)
Thanks for uploading all these summaries!! You really save me
Isn't it "than"?
Yes, it is.
What are the 4 steps?
1. Becoming a sympathiser, 2. gathering information, 3. motivation to participate , and 4. participation. Can be found on p. 407 Social Behavior by Hogg
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Your summaries are so great and concise! Would you happen to have a Problem 4 (attitudes) one? I'd appreciate it so much... mine sucks haha
Oh thank you ? I'm sorry I didn't see that earlier...
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Thank you leonie, your summaries really helped me to get everything in a good order! :)
You're welcome :)
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hey i think that question 19 is answer b ) as schema is defined as :Social schemas are 'scripts' or expectations an individual forms about how things operate within their environment. A schema is a cognitive system which helps us organize and make sense of helps us to have expectations about a situation when some of the information is unknown. so when the situation is ambiguous would make more sense i guess. but not sure tho
I thought that because if it was vague you think more about it, to make sense of it, while if the situation doesn't make a big impression you react automatically with a schema. But again I couldn't find a precise answer so I'm not sure
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I love you
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Do you have the answers to this exam?
The answers are online, it's called practice exam answers
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Do you have the answers?
The answers are just uploadedd
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I absolutely love your summaries! Would you happen to have a Problem 4 (attitudes) one? I'd appreciate it so much... mine sucks haha
Hey Annelies, Thank you for your comment! The reason why I didn't share problem 4 so far, is that it's about 13 pages of notes and I'm not sure whether I filtered out the essential information or got too much into detail. Anyway, on your request I uploaded it, so you can decide if it is helpful for you;) The yellow marked parts are the issues that we have definately discussed in our tutorial group...hope I could help you;)
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Liebe jo Xxx, Du hast echt gute Arbeit geleistet, ich bin so überzeugt un begeistert von deinen Zusammenfassungen!Vielen vielen vielen Dank und ich hoffe du bestehst deine Prüfungen :)!!!