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++++++ Ask your QM I questions and an experienced Success Formula tutor will answer them as soon as possible ++++++ Any problems or questions while studying/preparing for QM I? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Just post any of your questions in the QM I course on Studydrive (as a separate post, not as a comment) and our professional tutors will help you!!! If you need some last minute help - check out our Exam Programs on www.successformula.nl! We wish you lots of success! Your Success Formula Team
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Hi guys, Can you please post this as a separate question, not as a comment :) then it is easier for us to answer the questions and for you to see the answers too! Thanks for understanding !
Hi everyone, We are happy to answer questions again this year - just post them in the discussion board and we will try out best to answer them! Your Success Formula Team - Lena!
⚠️ To those who have a QM1 resit: A fellow former QM1 and QM2 tutor and I are providing private/group tutoring, to help you ace the resit! 😉Possible languages: English🇬🇧/German 🇩🇪/French 🇫🇷. For those interested, please contact us via this email address: othman.harris@gmail.com
where can I see if I have a 90% mastery score on Sowiso?
if I pass QM1 at the exam and in participation, but fail computer skills, will I be able to repeat computer skills in my second year without redoing QM1?
where can I find the detailed brief cases from the stats book?
so I have a bit of a problem... I probably can't finish the QM1 course assignments on time due to being really sick, and I have to do the second resit as well. Even if I passed the second resit but failed participation due to not turning in the course assignments on time, would I have to retake QM1 next year as a course with tutorials and lectures (thereby causing me to graduate later sinnce I can only theoretically take 2 courses per period) or would there be a way for me to take QM1 as a self-study course, alongside my other 2 courses from year 2 period 1, which would still let me graduate on time?
Has anyone got the document on how to calculate your score out of 10?
its posted
Will the answer key of the exam be uploaded ?
is it me or did they only post the actual exams and not the answer key
yeah they did
Can someone please explain how to calculate this? Answer is C
Hope that it’s clear :)
Great! Thank you!
where does the 0.675 come from ?
From the Z-table
Could someone explain question 14?
set the derivatives of the 2 equal to one another and then plug in the x value obtained into the original functions and set them equal again
can someone help with question 8? thanks
Any help with Q17, QM1 resit 2017-2018?
Hi there :) I attached my calculation! You need to set up the profit function = revenue - costs, where revenue is price * quantity. In order to have the function only dependent on two variables (Q1 and Q2), I used the demand function given for P. I hope that helps! Your Success Formula Team - Lena
could someone help me out with Q12, QM1 resit 2017/2018?
thats my way to solve this type of questions..
Another way of solving the question is attached in the picture. 1. I first find minima and maxima, because then I can determine whether the interval is decreasing or increasing. --> see the small drawing I made. 2. Then I find the inflection point to find out when the function changes from concave to convex. 3. If you cannot see whether it is concave or convex based on the drawing, just take any point on the interval between max and inflection point and inflection point and min and plug it into the second derivative. --> if the value is negative, it is concave. If it is positive, it is convex. Hope that helps! Your Success Formula Team - Lena
I don't really get the formula here ; in the question it says -u'w/u'n while in the answer sheet it says the other way around -u'n/u'w Could someone explain why it's the other way around ?