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Hi guys, Can you please post this as a separate question, not as a comment :) then it is easier for us to answer the questions and for you to see the answers too! Thanks for understanding !
Hi everyone, We are happy to answer questions again this year - just post them in the discussion board and we will try out best to answer them! Your Success Formula Team - Lena!
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Does anyone know if they have ever given bonus points for the maths parts? Or have complaints always been rejected? Is there hope that we get one point in maths?
Are there any complaints?
Could someone post the written answers of the QM1 Resit 2018 vsf (EX. 12-13) on here? I really need them as I don't get exercise 12-13 and how they get the solution there. ( it's the exercise with K(cost) and demand)
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Hi there :) You can actually also solve it with two variables in there - it gives you the same result. I attached a picture of my calculation again. I rearranged the demand function for p (that is what we call an inverse demand function) to make my life easier: cause I can then substitute the p in the profit function, so that the function only depends on q. Then I only have to take the derivative with respect to one variable (q). So really, the only reason I did it was to make it easier for myself haha. I hope that makes sense! Your Success Formula Team Lena
Thanks a lot!!! Very good explanation, I understand it now :)
Hi, Ive got a stats question, just so that I get this right: Were using the students T model anytime we do statistical inference with means correct? So when I want to calculate a confidence interval for the true population mean and when I want to do a Hypothesis test about the population mean. Could anybody confirm? Is this exhaustive?
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No that situation doesn't exist - we can never observe the true population, i.e. neither the true mean/proportion nor the true standard deviation will ever be known. However, if you have infinitively many degrees of freedom the Student t distribution is equal to the normal distribution, so often when you have a very large sample you don't use the t distribution, but the normal distribution (z-table). Hope that helps:)
Many thanks!!
In nearly every QM1 exam they ask this question: Consider the function f(x)= 8x/e^x The tangent line at x= ln(2) is given by... ?? How to solve these tasks? If someone knows could you please explain me the steps for solving this?
Hi Anonymous Spade :) So you can perform the following steps to solve the question: A tangent line is just a linear function of the form: y = a + bx, meaning you have to find the intercept a and the slope b. --> Since it is a tangent line, the tangent line should have the same slope as the function f(x) at the point x = ln (2). So your first step is to determine the first-order derivative of f(x) and then to plug in the point x = ln(2). Once you calculated this, you have the slope, so b of the tangent line. The next step is to find a, which you can do by plugging in the slope and the point that you have ln(2), f(ln(2)) into y = a + bx. Then you can solve for a. Once you have a and b, you set up the tangent line. I made the calculation for the example you said (I calculated everything, instead of continuing to write down ln, not sure whether this is also what they did in the exam. If you tell me where you got the exercise from, I can double check which way they wrote it). Hope that helps! Your Success Formula Team - Lena
Consider the function f(x)=x^3-2x+a For which value(s) of a is the line y=x-3 a tangent of the function.
This should be it!
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which version is this????
How do we get to this function?
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Shouldn't it be answer D for version F at 12? They state that q=8, but they ask for the price. So 8=14-p. So P =6 which makes asnwer D (price between 5 and 7) the right asnwer.
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how can i open it?
Which chapter can I find this in?
I don't fully understand this explanation and answer? Could someone help please
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Anyone offering QM1 private tutoring for the statistics part this week? Just reply to this post, thank you!
While we are fully booked for our private classes, we still have some spots available for our Stats Crash Course. :) It is a 4h class in which we go through all the important concepts and explain the theory, as well as do some practice exam-like questions! If you are interested, check out the timeslots that are still available via this link: https://successformula.nl/product/crash-course-for-quantitative-methods-i-stats/
where does R(x,y) come from? I don't get it
what exactly did you do here? thx
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Any reason why these things get downvotes?
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Thanks for the upload, it was truly helpful!
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Ok thank you so much!
https://athenastudies.nl/cursus/um/ebe they do really great tutoring!!
why does 0 mean that it is inconclusive?
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I think C is correct as x cannot be smaller than y because you can't take the square root of a negative number
Hey guys, which questions of the trial exam do we need to do for this week's 2nd tutorial? Thanks in advance.
I think the first ten of maths and stats from the last years exam
thank you :)
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everyone says that we must have 100% in sowiso or MSL to have bonus point ? Is it correct ? (because it seems to be false with this bonus point calculator)
how about this 2? You forgot it after this step
Why do you have e "power" 2 , when you just replaced -x with -1?
it should be just x^0.5, not -0.5, shouldn't it?
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loads of mistakes :(
Hello! I offer private tutoring for QM1. If you think you need help, send me a message via WhatsApp, my number is +32476023600 ! 😌
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1B is wrong should be + 2x instead if x to the power 2
What symbol is that?
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for a) the numerator is a positve 2
why is it +2x and not -2x?
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How did you get the 2 in the numerator?
How did you get this '2'?
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so what is the answer to the question?
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Not correct
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so accurate! Thank you
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thank you so much
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this is great! thank you so much
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Does somebody know how the bonus points are calculated with the mastery score from msl and sowieso? thx
Hi Guys, I don't have access to eleum anymore (alumni) but at my new university the statistics nightmare continues. Would somebody be so kind to either email or upload the QM1 Statistics Lecture slides?
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