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Why not D? Procedural fairness refers to the procedure fairness of the process used to resolve complaints. By providing a faire solution they are also making the process fair.
Yep, it's confusing.
Why not D since a video showing the product in action would be the best way to prove its effectiveness?
I also thought D but I think YouTube is mentioned as a way of experiencing sth and not for educating consumers. But imo consumers still get educated about the product when they "experience" it in a video, etc.
Had the same, also page 238 used an example of a blender with videos on youtube about its effectiveness (part about observability and diffusion of innovation) and mentioned that youtube gives visible proof of the quality of the product
I don't understand how the bounce rate analysis would be interesting in this case.. and you could look at the keywords in the comments to see if people are mostly positif or negative about the product..
Just checked and that's actually a mistake, the answer states B) Sentiment analysis.
Imo this was very unclear. You could argue for dynamic effect (back-and-forth communication), for the connected effect (one-on-one connection because they get tailored in-store promotions and product recommendations) and you can argue for timeliness effect because its at the right time.... valid complaint?
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@lil Clemmy, true, though dynamic and connected fit too! therefore all three should be correct
True especially dynamic since it involves back and forth communication between the firm and the customer!
Isn't this answer d? The site's most-used feature is its user BLOG Definition "2. Educate the customer: blogs, twitter"
I agree!
Ok, the book states that if the Early adopter group is small, the whole produkt wont become very big either. But isn't that also the case for the Innovator group? If there are only a few innovators there will be only a few reviews and therefore the early adopter group will also be relatively small and so on and so forth... I think Innovator & Early adopter should be correct
That was my reasoning, as well....
I'd say no since the innovator group is always small. Also, they're the ones reviewing the products, etc., so they influence the early adopters who in turn influence the rest. So the innovators' opinions on the product matters, but not their number.
Fighting schedule (without L) does not exist, that's why I thought it has to be the pulsing schedule...
That's a valid complain, I would say
Isn't it supposed to be B? Because some dealers are given the right to distribute the products, but if it was C, then only one distributor would be allowed to sell in a region, right?
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The main difference between the two is that exclusive distribution only allows one retailer by territory. Whereas selective distribution can have few retailers for the same territory.
From the book, it is written one or very few retailers so per territory; so the answer should be C
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any ideas how to check the answers ?
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Are these still relevant for this year's exam?
I think so, chapter 16 this year is related to Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Promotions
Brand positioning: the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market Doesn't that look like the good answer?
that sounds like a valid complaint :D
Ahaha I should have sat the exam last year
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question 69, why is A not an advantage?
I think it's because its a form of niche media, if you look at ch 16 page 345 (or 393) you can see in the table that an advantage of internet/mobile is "can be linked to detailed content; highly flexible and interactive; allows for specific targeting" last one made me assume its then not a mass media channel, even though it can indeed reach a lot of people
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I love studying with your mind maps. Do you have one for chapter 17 and would mind sharing it too?
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Yes I do, check my profile. ? Glad they help, good luck!
Hey! I couldn't find it on your profile unfortunately :/
Can someone explain please?
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Thank you! That's also what I thought, maybe it's because the 0,15 represent a profit margin and not a revenues margin (but I'm really not sure about that, because I tried the same as you in the first place).
In other exams, they said "margin on cost" when you had to do it the other way. It obviously doesn't add up to the same result as a margin on cost would result in less than a margin on the total price. and since you only have the retailer margin you can only calculate it on the total price anyway.
getting the wrong result over and over again.. How do I need to calculate this one?
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I'm just soo confused now... I calculated it as Katie did it..
For this elasticity, they only take into account the absolute number. Or you could say that a positive elasticity is a relationship that makes sense like price goes up then demand goes down and a negative elasticity would be something unexpected like price goes up then demand goes up.
same here... How do you calculate it ? because I get over and over the wrong answer...
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yea... that is why I am just sooo confused after doing this exam...
I think you have to take into account only the absolute value of elasticity which would be 0,5 so answer C, inelastic. but the calculations are correct.
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Why do you calculate ((new-old/new) with respect to price elasticity?
for the price elasticity: when is it ((new-old)/new) and when ((new-old/old). I saw various versions and know I am confused
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but I think it was (new-old)/new) for the pricing task number 5 in tutorial 7.
We had ((new-old)/old) as a solution ? Anyway, the example in the book (p.292) uses ((new-old)/old) so I'd just go with that!
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Does anyone know the list of which question are really not relevant?
Does someone have the resit from 2015?
Hey guys, I just created a quizlet with most of the definitions from the 7 chapters. Just 107 flashcards with the definitions from the book
This is the best thing I've ever seen! Thank you so much for your effort it's AWESOME!
So nice!!!
How much do you think is last year's exam relevant? Because I have the feeling of almost discovering a new course ahah
you have to do only the second half of the exam and a third of the questions are not relevant but I still found about 20 questions relevant.
Did we cover length and width?
It has to do with the difference between Product mix and product lines but we saw breadth and depth instead
In the Resit 17-18, the same question was asked at 68 and the right answers were Branded entertainment, product placement and brand integration and here it's just product placement. Can someone tell me which one is the correct answer?
I think they had all three terms in their book last year but we only have product placement so it's only product placement for us (although it apparently also is branded entertainment & brand integration) :-)
Shouldn't this be product placement?
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The advertising one
They probably had all of those terms in their book :) For us it'd be product placement since we didn't have the other words
Anyone has the page for this?
We didn't have that in that way :)
testimonial evidence? did we cover this..?
No :)
do we have to know any of these?
we did not cover this, did we? Never heard of "Fad" before
No, it's not in our book!
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This is great! :)
Thank you! :-)
yo folks, does someone have a formulasheet with this year's exam-relevant formulas? thanks and good luck
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Thank you!!
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Can someone show how to calculate 8?
40 x 1.4 x 1.1 x 1.3 = 80.08
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thank you so much Nathan, you are such a great guy!
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eh carai
Can someone tell me which chapters exactly are exam relevant ?? I am so confused :/
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Hi! Really like your summaries! Can you publish the other ones? :D
Just posted them! Enjoy :)
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no ch 17 coming? :p
It is already up! Check my profile!
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hey, are you sure this is all we need for the exam bc it seems kind of rly short ? Thank you
I covered all the chapters that were indicated in the course manual, however this is not an extensive summary. I only tried to cover the basic basic theory
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are u also gonna post one for ch 12?
Yes! unfortunately I couldn't finish it before the tutorial! but they will be on before exams
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Good summary, very nice!
you have to divide by the unit contribution not by the total variable costs
oh forgot, my bad. Should be 1,111,111 units, and therefore, FutureTech should not pursue its idea of manufacturing a new product because the break-even qty is 1,111,111 units and the firm has the capacity to only produce 1 million units. Therefore, they would make a loss if they were to pursue their idea.
you forgot to subtract the fixed costs
oh yes, thanks for mentioning!
Does someone know what the code for qualtrics is in order to set up an account? I cannot find it in the uploaded manual...
"The upgrade key that will provide you free access to a Qualtrics account is: K653T869J824D4. The Qualtrics account you create with this code will be active for 12 months, which implies that you can continue using the software after the course has ended." More on it you can find in the MRP manual ;)
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Thank you so much! This is great
No problem!
Does anyone know which chapters are exam relevant?
Chapter 8, 9, 11, 13,15,16 and 17 of the custom textbook
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Did you really make all of these summaries yourself? Or did you take them from another year? Because you are doing incredibly fast with those summaries girl
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Well good job then!
thanks! appreciate it :)
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New font is niceeeeee
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I appreciate the new fond :)
Could somebody upload a pdf of the book please? :)
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