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Is it normal that it takes this long until you get your final grade for the course? Can't be that difficult, considering that the exam results were available instantly..
Hello, do you know where we can find the answer of the exam of this morning? Thank you. :)
Via Testvision - but we've just received an email from the Course coordinator with the link. Just click "show results".
Thank you I find it, we have already the results
Does anyone know how the questions will be divided from the book and articles? Like how many article questions and book questions to expect? Just wondering if they will focus on articles more or equally.
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Thank you! Not gonna lie sounds too good to be true! But hopefully haha. Also thank you for your summaries!
Our tutor said it should be about 50% each
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Hi! just wondering if you have an estimate for when about you'll be able to upload the second part. Thanks!
it's up :)
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Please read in the course manual
sorry , for the reason that the articles were not ti order I was thinking that there were some missing
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Oh my god thank you! Hero 🥳
Haha happy that it helps ☺
Hey Guys, I just created some flashcard sets maybe it can be helpful for some of you to study definitions :)
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It’s back 😂🥳
Did anyone already creat a quizlet for the terms from the MOO book? If so please share 😊☀️
Is the literature the same as last year or did it change?
The literature totally changed. Last year there was no book. It was only articles. Some of the articles are the same as last year. So no practice exams!
someone willing to post a master sheet ?
What do you imagine?
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Thanks !
You’re welcome :)
Can someone put all the articles in one doc please ?
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Thank you for your consistent work! When will you upload the full summary?
Wednesday probably :)
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Thank you! There was not a chapter for this session right?
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Don't really get it, for the first graphic you should be on A since then you connect both, cost effectiveness and service excellence. For the 2nd you wanna be at B and D right?
Yes, but a real polarity map would never look like the first one. I think they just broke it down to different steps so you see how a map is constructed... the end result should have poles and strategies/warnings so you always want to end up at the + pole
Thanks so much for you work and do you think it is important for us to know in the exam what we did in MOM course last year?
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Didnt noticed that she will make the exam. Why the fck should she know? ask ur tutor or course coordinator
Carlitos is indeed right :D my answer is also just a guess like I’m just saying that I won’t do it but since I don’t have anything to do with the exam I have no official clue :)
This has to be ‚can NOT fly‘ obviously 😅😅🙈
The papers for Session 6 are godawful. I literally burst out laughing at the part about inhaling/exhaling as an interdependent pair. The first one could have been written by Alan Sokal, it's so convoluted and long-winded.
The course sucks in general and last years questions about the articles are so specific that I swear you can’t answer half of them even if you learn those unnecessary articles by heart
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What article to read?
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But what it is called again ?
Its called : shoot ur fookin mouth
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Thank you very much :)
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Dude, I need the summaries of 4, 5, 10 and 11. What are you waiting for, I need you lol
Maybe you could do you own summaries honey, I can’t wait to see your summaries skills
Hello. I also have a life outside of university - my life is not about making your summaries. I will post them when I'll be done with them. In the meantime, you can make your own summaries or use someone else's.
Where can I find the digital version of the book?
You can get the 2015 version on but i haven't found the 2019 edition yet... the graphs and theory are pretty much the same though.
I think here the answer is on page 101. It's the societal, occupational, organizational and individual ethics who are the main determinants of business ethics :)
Yes I think that’s probably also part of the answer :) thank you
Do you know how to unlock the right to copy, highlight, and print articles retrieved from the LibSearch?
Isn´t there missing some points? (p91-97)
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Thank you!!! Jana is back!
Yes 😂
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Je suis fan de toi. À chacun des tes résumés, je tombe de plus en plus amoureux. Je n'arrête pas de penser à toi. Tu m'obsèdes, mais je n'ose pas t'aborder. Alors du coup, je te suis de loin en imaginant que je suis à tes côtés en train de te tenir la main amoureusement. J'espère qu'un jour ton regard croisera le mien. ANGIE JE T'AIME Ton admirateur
ah on est laaaa hein
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PAGE 11 MISSING PART 4. Utilizing new information systems and technologies • Another important challenge for managers is to continually utilize efficient and effective new IT that can link and enable managers and employees to better perform their jobs-whatever their level in the organization • New kinds of IT does not only enable individual employees but also self-managed teams by giving them important information and allowing virtual interactions around the globe using the Internet 5. Practicing global crisis management • The fifth challenge, global crisis or disasters fall into two main categories: 1. Natural causes: hurricanes, earthquakes, diseases, famines 2. Human causes: industrial pollution, inattention to employee safety, terrorism, war, global warming (which intensifies the natural causes) Management has an important role in helping people, organizations, and countries respond to global crises, such crises provide lessons in how to plan, organize, lead and control the resources needed to forestall and respond to the crisis Crisis management makes important decisions about how to: 1. Create teams to facilitate rapid decision making and communication 2. Establish the organizational chain of command and reporting relationships necessary to mobilize a fast response 3. Recruit and select the right people to lead and work in such teams 4. Develop bargaining and negotiating strategies to manage the conflicts
Does somebody have a PDF version of the book?
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That’s not from the new book that we are using is it?
Should be :)
Could someone create an online file so that everyone can complain and our comments become more valid/powerful? I don´t know to create the online file. Last time for nearly all my comments I received the information from the coordinators "most students did not share you opinion about this question and statistical proof suggest that this question was legitimate". So we need to unify to get the bonus points
just posted a link if you want to check it out, unfortunately, we don't have nor the answer key nor the exam yet
Here we are again, after a shit exam. I mean like wtf was that. I lost count of how many « Which one is NOT correct ? » questions there were. plz fix. We need the complain thing asap. And btw there was twice the same question, what are we supposed to do with that ??
I think having 2 times the same question in the same exam is not allowed we should definitely complain about that. But this is only my opinion no guarantee. Also could someone create an excel file or something for questions to complain about?
Does anybody know what "mediating" and "moderating" factors are ? I've been checking everywhere in the course, it's not explained anywhere...
A moderator variable is one that influences the strength of a relationship between two other variables, and a mediator variable is one that explains the relationship between the two other variables. Only place i could find it in the course was in the article about the glass clif where it says • moderator of when effect occurs • mediator why effect occurs
Thanks a lot !
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So how are we supposed to study this shit? Since studying summaries and doing past exams was apparently not enough? ?
I'd rather be in jail than having to write the MOO resit
Oh wait...
where can I complain for the exam?
1Go to studentportal 2open MOO my courses 3open examination materials 4Click on Exam comments :)
thanks!! hadn't seen it somehow
How many points did you get for the exam?
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got it
Thank you very much !!!
Any complains?
soooooo many like the exam overall
Hi Guys, I don't know whether its maybe already happening but I think it would be a good idea to hand in one letter ( next to the complaints) on behalf of our year to the course coordinator, about how we feel about the exams with some concrete examples. This would maybe give it a more formal touch and would not appear impolite.
anyone has the exam questions?How to argue without the questions?
Just uploaded it ;)
Wtf was that exam ??
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Does anyone know the answers for the first ones?
Which lecture is relavant for the exam?
the guest lecture
Does anyone know what readings (if any) are required for this year, but not in the past?
Does the Ambidextrous Orga. allows cross-contamination or cross-fertilisation among units?
Allows cross-fertilization, prevents cross-contamination
It's not in our required literrature
Why B is wrong?
Because preselected questions don't stifle creativity but rather enhance and challenge it, that's why you should use preselected questions in every discussion. I hope that helps :)
Why is Q48. “Answer A” and not “Answer D”?
because with power, I think you can impose your will EVEN if there is resistance
I'd say because power is only the ability to impose your will on someone else if you choose to do so, but coercion isn't always part of exercising power? Or maybe they meant hierarchical superiority?
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