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Could someone create an online file so that everyone can complain and our comments become more valid/powerful? I don´t know to create the online file. Last time for nearly all my comments I received the information from the coordinators "most students did not share you opinion about this question and statistical proof suggest that this question was legitimate". So we need to unify to get the bonus points
just posted a link if you want to check it out, unfortunately, we don't have nor the answer key nor the exam yet
Here we are again, after a shit exam. I mean like wtf was that. I lost count of how many « Which one is NOT correct ? » questions there were. plz fix. We need the complain thing asap. And btw there was twice the same question, what are we supposed to do with that ??
I think having 2 times the same question in the same exam is not allowed we should definitely complain about that. But this is only my opinion no guarantee. Also could someone create an excel file or something for questions to complain about?
Does anybody know what "mediating" and "moderating" factors are ? I've been checking everywhere in the course, it's not explained anywhere...
A moderator variable is one that influences the strength of a relationship between two other variables, and a mediator variable is one that explains the relationship between the two other variables. Only place i could find it in the course was in the article about the glass clif where it says • moderator of when effect occurs • mediator why effect occurs
Thanks a lot !
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So how are we supposed to study this shit? Since studying summaries and doing past exams was apparently not enough? ?
I'd rather be in jail than having to write the MOO resit
Oh wait...
where can I complain for the exam?
1Go to studentportal 2open MOO my courses 3open examination materials 4Click on Exam comments :)
thanks!! hadn't seen it somehow
How many points did you get for the exam?
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got it
Thank you very much !!!
Any complains?
soooooo many like the exam overall
Hi Guys, I don't know whether its maybe already happening but I think it would be a good idea to hand in one letter ( next to the complaints) on behalf of our year to the course coordinator, about how we feel about the exams with some concrete examples. This would maybe give it a more formal touch and would not appear impolite.
anyone has the exam questions?How to argue without the questions?
Just uploaded it ;)
Wtf was that exam ??
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Does anyone know the answers for the first ones?
Which lecture is relavant for the exam?
the guest lecture
Does anyone know what readings (if any) are required for this year, but not in the past?
Does the Ambidextrous Orga. allows cross-contamination or cross-fertilisation among units?
Allows cross-fertilization, prevents cross-contamination
It's not in our required literrature
Why B is wrong?
Because preselected questions don't stifle creativity but rather enhance and challenge it, that's why you should use preselected questions in every discussion. I hope that helps :)
Why is Q48. “Answer A” and not “Answer D”?
because with power, I think you can impose your will EVEN if there is resistance
I'd say because power is only the ability to impose your will on someone else if you choose to do so, but coercion isn't always part of exercising power? Or maybe they meant hierarchical superiority?
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about Q20; isn't true that teams that recommend things DO HAVE pre-determined completion dates, so ARE hindered by deadlines?
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does anyone have the complaints from 2016?
In the first sit it says"are hindered by deadlines", without "very much".Teams that recommend things always have a deadline, but not a strict one.
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Very useful when doing past exams ! Thanks a lot
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Absolutely digusting. How dare you take credit for thingds other people did?? Lucky you are anonymous because I would find you and give you what you deserve
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Hahaha already finding excuses not to meet. All you can do is act tough behind your computer.
Stop acting so tough, I'll come and bring my buddy Liam to beat you up, noob
can someone explain why B would be wrong ?
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Thank you
np! good luck for the exam
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this is f*ed up dude ?
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zoe uploaded a zip of all her summaries aswell, don't support this shit, give her the credits, she deserves it.
It's an enhanced version of zoe's upload. I deleted the summaries not required and added the ones missing.
Missing model: Human Relations Model: views an effective organization as one that fully utilizes its employees -> people are motivated by job satisfaction & social environment
This should be INTERdependent!
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Nice mindmaps :) Did you do one for session 1 also?
No, because that was just one article :)
great stuff, thank you for sharing!
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was just about to do the same, great work!
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Skibidi pa pa
Anyone knows if we can find last year's resit?
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Does someone knows the answers for the last 6 ??
ich bins Tim
bruder bin fassungslos
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I really appreciate all the effort you put in this, but pleeeease consider changing your font! It is really hard to read with your current font :(
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So I went on a hunt for a better font, and I found the font used in the Financial Accounting textbook, since I always though that book looked quite 'relaxing'. From next period on I will use that font.
sounds good :)
The fact here that they talk about "limiting subordinates' initiative and obsession with detail" is somewhat confusing since we could think that the subordinate are the one obsessed with details..
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Is it just me or the answer are not highlighted?
Only the 6 first ones aren't
And also the 5 last for some reason ..
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Do you have any detailed summary for the sessions 3 "action errors, error mngmt and learning in organization" and Session 9 "exploit-exploration tensions and organization ambidexterity: managing paradoxes of innovation" of the article? :)
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No worries, just to be sure haha, no it is actually news articles from this year! But no worries, thanks though :)
Oh so sorry! Good luck studying :)
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are some articles missing?
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Which one are missing? :)
So if we know this by heart we pass?
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Some articles are missing: Session 3: - Frese, M., & Keith, N. (2015). Action errors, error management, and learning in organizations. Annual review of psychology, 66, 661-687. - Ellis, S., Carette, B., Anseel, F., & Lievens, F. (2014). Systematic reflection: Implications for learning from failures and successes. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 23(1), 67-72. Session 8: - Andriopoulos, C., & Lewis, M.W. (2009). Exploitation- Exploration Tensions and Organizational Ambidexterity: Managing Paradoxes of Innovation. Organization Science, 20, 696–717. Some articles we don't have to study: Session 3: - Reflection as a strategy to enhance task performance - The anxiety of learning Session 8: - The ambidextrous organisation
Thanks for the overview Kailan! I assume this is due to a change in the course manual
Does someone have the 17/18 Resit of MOO?
Would be nice if someone had summaries for tommorow's session :)
Someone please upload a summary of Andriopoulos, C., & Lewis,. Exploitation- Exploration Tensions and Organizational Ambidexterity
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Thank you for this
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I can take you anytime, anyday
I agree with Angela Merkel, thank you so much for that amazing lecture on options.
sooooo.... complaints?
I don't agree with Q18, 38 and 41. I think the answers are misplased or multiple answers could be right. What are your insights (if I don't tell you what I think is wrong with those questions?)
Can't C be right?
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