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so I passed my MOM first sit but I failed participation. I misread the deadline for the first course assignment, so I turned it in too late and failed it. I've been sick for a week and can't finish the resit course assignment either. What would happen if I failed my participation again, but still have a positive grade from the exam? Do I have to retake MOM next year? Would that delay my graduation? Do I have to do another course assignment? Please answer this, I'm really concerned about what may happen. And also, please only answer this if you actually know what you're talking about. cheers 🙏
I'm not entirely sure if your exam grade stays valid. I would imagine that it would stay valid and you would just need to pass the next course assignment, once it is available. If that is the case, I presume the next course assignment will be available in the next academic year (2020/2021) - period 1. My advice would be to contact the course coordinator, to ask if your exam grade stays valid, etc. Additionally, I think it would be also helpful to seek for some information from an SBE study advisor. You can find more information on study advisors on this page: https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/support/during-your-studies/student-guidance/study-advisers Hope this was helpful and your exam grade stays valid!
You would have to retake the whole course as far as I know because you didn’t fulfill the necessary requirements in order to pass in time.. not 100% sure though
Why do I have a resit for learner report and course assignment in my timetable on MyUM although I passed them?
i also have that and that's probably bc of the cyber attack that happend
I see. Still, it's kinda worrying.
My course assignment came in late due to a fucked up wifi, but I handed in the hardcopy on time. Am I gonna fail MOM? I passed the exam and the learner reports, so I'd me mad if I failed just because of my computer
No don't worry, but you will maybe have a course assignment resit if they don't accept your late upload
actually, I did fail the course even though my tutor told me my course assignment was a pass... that's fucked up
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Did they upload an revised answer key? Because for version a at least there are a few wrong answers in here
hold on
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Does someone have any resits of the previous year? (resit 18/19, 17/18, 16/17?
yeah I'll upload it in a sec
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where do i find the answers for this?
Why its not a ?
Answer: a
Where can I find the answer key ?
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HUGE shoutout out to you for this summary! The only reason I passed MOM! Thanks
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nice work
Do someone know why a is correct and not b ?
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From when is this summary ? Chapter 1 seems pretty different to anything we have done so far
I think it is from 2017 or 2016
these are no more actual
Can someone explain? I don’t understand
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There are summaries of the chapters for marketing here I think
It means that a manager act in their own interest instead of the interest of the owner
Hey, can anybody show me their answers for 10 questions in Examination Assignment 2019 in Examination materials of MOM ? Thanks
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Is it the real exam from last year ? All exams in mom are similar to this one ? I found this one easy, is it normal ?
hey, does anyone have the full pdf book of MOM
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Is this and all your other MOM summaries still up to date?
Hey, I’m not sure which book they’re using this year. I think content wise the course can’t change too much; so I guess it’s still up to date and you can use it
Its the same book 2nd edition from 2017
Can someone maybe tell me which Chapters are Exam relevant for the Exam?
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Perfect summary!
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This will save my ass today
Hey there, If you are looking for used books, I have all the books you need for the first year of IB. They are in perfect condition :). Send me an email: anitahof76@gmail.com
If you're a first year IB student and looking for used books, I still have all of them here so if you're interested let me know! E-mail: laurence.clerx@hotmail.be
Hello, I got a score of 65 (I thought I had 66) I asked the coordinator but she told me it wouldn't be fair for other students who are in the same situation. Therefore I would like to file an appeal and see if all students who got 65 can receive 1 point because it seems rash to fail the whole course for one point. I'm asking for students who are in the same situation so we could appeal together. Hope to hear from you guys soon.
Haha let me tell you from a second-year student that thats life :D Don't bother the course coordinator and try again next year
hey does someone know when the results are out? Or where I could find them? I have my QM1 results but not MOM
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they published the results :)
Has anyone found any complaints yet ? I got 65 and I don't know what to complain about..
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What was question 65 about again ?
65. Both diversification strategies and market development strategies primarily involve ________. A) selling a company's current products B) modifying the company's product line C) developing a new product D) leaving the current market Correct answer is D
There was a question about offshoring. In the book there is information about it in chapter 4.2, which was not in the material we had to study, right?
So i had a total of 63 questions right, including my bonus points, is there any chance of me still passing it?
Try to complain a lot, you could get 3 more points by complaints...
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HUGE shoutout out to you for this summary! The only reason I passed MOM! Thanks
I'm glad you passed. Congratulations!!! :) Good luck for QM1
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Thanks a lot Angie! I did pretty good on my exam and it's all thank to this summary! You saved my ass. xD
Hey guys! I hope you all did well today. Here are the links for the study drive course for next period, good luck with QM on Friday: https://www.studydrive.net/courses/maastricht-university/accounting-and-financial-reporting/267904?ref=989893 and https://www.studydrive.net/courses/maastricht-university/economics-and-business/209?ref=989893
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this is missing the limitations of Hofstede's dimensions. They asked about them in an old exam it is fair to say that they're important.
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to everyone who downloaded this already: it's missing the "three domains of human action" and "Four criteria for evaluating an action". I just noticed this while revising. Please, add them to your notes as they might be in the exam.
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Where are the answer key ?
Hi! You should find some of the student portal. At least the relevant ones. :)
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Thank you so much! But I noticed that your summary does not contain the 'integrating themes' at the end of each chapter. Are those parts not exam relevant?
they are just for deeper understanding so they are kind of relevant but if you understand the general content then youll also undertsand those
Hi! Yes, as we never talked about it in tutorials and as Anonymous Noodle Soup said, it is only the content of the chapters said somehow differently. Thus I didn't believe they were exam relevant.
Hello guys, Could you please tell me what time is the exam ?? (for MOM) I don't see it on the student portal. Thanks
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you should be there at around 8.30 (at the MECC)
Thank you, my friends !
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yay! thanks grill
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Thanks for the summary, but for Bosch is that really everything important to know? Because I couldn't find any other summary as well
Hey Jonas, that was my take away from the lecture. It is possible that they said more important stuff but at least in that moment I apparently didn't regard it as super important. Maybe someone not on study drive has a more detailed summary of Bosch. Good luck for the exams!
in angies summary of the whole book she included the lectures in the last part of her document
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Thanks!!! :) Good luck for the exam
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Does anyone know where I can download the answer key?
On the student portal ;)
Can maybe someone upload its minutes for both guest lectures? It would be very nice, good luck for the exams ! :)
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Soooo useful!
Glad I could help! Good luck
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The summary of summaries. Thanks so much!
No worries! Happy I could help :)
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