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How could you get the answer for safety stock?
Does this mean allowable decrease in order for the shadow price to change?
Should the costs of all three reduce in order for Laguna Hills to be the best choice or would one of the 3 be sufficient? So let's say costs of CLH1 is reduced by 1, would this be sufficient to make LH the best option?
Could someone explain why you do this exactly?
Hi! Could someone explain why the fact that the lease is smaller than the EVPI means that they should sign the lease?
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Are you going to upload a full summary with all chapters and formulas?
Yes i am! Coming next monday :)
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It might be a stupid question but how to we know the number of possible combinations?
In fact I also do not get how you get the numbers between the case column and the probabilities
Is someone interested in lending me a course book until the exam / know someone who can ?
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Does someone know how much the content from 2017 differs from the one this year?
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where is the part of "what are they worth' ? pg 63 in the tex book! or don't we need to know that? thank you!
Can anyone help me with this one? Thanks a lot!!
Why are we supposed to crash two times A here?
Could anyone help me with the objective function? Do we want to minimize the number of stores or costs? What constraints​ do I have to consider?
Can anyone explain for which levels of competition (product form, category, etc.) Brand switching matrices, cross elasticity, product deletion are used for and why?
What is the difference between Ward and K-means clustering? Thank you!!
SURVEY: Did anyone read the chapters 2, 3 and 6 by Cliff T. Ragsdale on Linear Programming? Was it worth it?
What do you mean with value under k=3 and i=E? I cannot follow the logic from the book :/
number of trips from and to department 3 to and from the other departments. and distance between location E and the others. The values that are in the tables written in the column under 3 and under E
Can someone explain why the linkage constraint (y_ik + M(1-X_ik) has to be larger or equal to everything that follows after? What exactly does y_ik stand for in this case and what what does it mean if this constraint is not satisfied? Thanks!
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how do you determine if a certain department is assigned to a certain location?
Excel does so by evaluating each possible combination of department k at location i and gives you the solution to where each department has to be in order for the total distance to be minimized between all departments. It activates our binary variable y_ik if department k is put to use at location i but we dont know before the calculation.
Could you please explain how you got to X=18.02?
X is the proposed project duration that we need to find. X has to be big enough so that the overall probability of the project finishing in this proposed time (in X weeks) is still >=95%. The solver then looks for an X value that is as small as possible, while still satisfying the constraint: overall probability >=95%
Are these z's arbitrary numbers? how did you came up with them?
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Thanks, but in this case ( 95%) X=18,02 which you calculate by means of these z-scores; : z= (specified time(X)-path mean)/standard deviation of path. Seems we have 2 unknown variables z and X, therefore how should you come up with these "z" values? cheers!
the solver chooses X in a way that all z-values become big enough so that the overall probability is >=95%.
Can someone please explain how you get the X = 18.01931
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why are the coefficients all zero for constraint 1,2,3??
all these operators are the other way around. I used the correct operator in the solver but i forgot to change it in the spreadsheet.
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Can someone explain when it is 1 or 0 in the variables to change because I really do not get it
Xij takes value 1 if station i is assigned to location j, and 0 if it is not. in this way you can see which coordinates the two disposal locations have
Is this made by the solver or we know it somehow? Sorry I am really bad at it
How do you know which cluster to put together ? Why not cluster 1 (1,2) and cluster 2 (3,4,5) ? Thank you
it´s just one of many possibilities I guess, which is also the reason why it is not guaranteed that this is the optimal solution
i don't get how you come to these constraints
For the Constraint 2, each processing station must be allocated to one disposal; so you create a constraint that one station = one disposal For the constrain 1, you need 2 disposal centers; so you create the constraint Nbr of Disposal Locations = 2 For the Constraint 3, each processing station can only be assigned to a disposal that really exist; X_iL means processing station utilize disposal center and Y_L means that a disposal center is located near a possible center location. To make sure that all the processing station can be assigned only to an operator disposal facility, you need that X_iL <= Y_L. And the last constrains is simply the binary and non-negative one
Go check slide 54 and 55 to understand better Constraint 3
Can someone explain ??
Hi Anonymous Letter, To get the Expected Value of Perfect Information (EVPI), you start with the Payoff without any risk. I.e. if you knew it was the low market state, you would pick Do Nothing (Payoff 50) and if you knew it was the high market state, you would pick option "Expand) Payoff (80). --> so with perfect information, your payoff would be 0.3 * 50 + 0.7 * 80 = 71 The EVPI is the difference of this payoff with perfect information and the payoff with risk (you calculate that under 2a). The EVPI tells you how much you would pay someone, if he would offer you to give you the perfect information. --> EVPI = 71 - 62 (the expected profit from expand as calculated under 2a) EVPI = 9 --> you would pay 9 euros to get the perfect information. I hope that helps! Your Success Formula Team - Lena
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Can someone explain step by step how to use the solver I always have something wrong. What do we have to put in 'set objective' they ask for a formula...
should this be 5mil-500000 and 4mil-100000
Hey! I am an exchange student and I am looking for someone who wants to help me with the course (MOPD) and the assignments. I will pay or invite for lunch. Thanks!
Hi Maria, in case you still need help - we offer several classes for MOPD, including weekly meetings where our experienced tutors will go through the course content with you week by week. We also have private tutorials, as well as a workshop only on Linear Programming and Exam Prep later during the block. If you are interested, check out our website: or send us an email ( Best, Lena
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Will you also upload the next chapter for tomorrow? :-)
Will be up in an hour or so :)
heads up :) all your headings say tutorial 1
Oefff!!! Thanks for the heads up! Thats great! Im gonna keep a closer eye on it ;)
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Is it normal that it is the literature for tutorial 1?
This is not the literature for tutorial 1, I simply forgot to change the '1' in the heading but it in fact contains the summaries of the literature for session 3. If you just look at the list atop the page and compare it to the course manual, you can check this for yourself :)
Yes, it should be Tutorial 3: Product Development & Testing :)
Does anybody have the case study of superbock?
Can we use the 4th edition of the book (instead of the 5th)? :)
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cc baptiste
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My apologies when photos of the book are a little unclear of bend or whatever! So sad there is no PDF of the books this semester ;)
this variable is too much and i think you are missing the AgeCat variable
woops. your right!
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Thanks for uploading!! Could you also upload the next chapters please? :-)
I just uploaded the next one, sorry I had to split it into 2 files
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Could you also do that for the next chapters ? xD
I’ll try to, but can’t promise anything? Does it help that they’re already highlighted or would you rather have the original pages? :)
Original pages is also fine!
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Anyone remember the open questions of the resit or anything about the open questions? Really need help plssss!!!
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are the answers of this book also available?
at the end of the book ;)
Where can I find the z-table in the book?
What is the formula for this calculation? cant seem to find it or figure out how to get to answer A.
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How do you get the Standard Error of 24519.92?
in the Regression statistics table of the excel output
Could anyone explain why the slack of activity F is 2 weeks on page 6?
you need to calculate ES . EF and LS, LF and than substrach ES from LS or EF from LF
Thanks a lot ! found my mistake :)
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Could someone explain how to reach EUR3700 on the project managamenet question c please? Its obvious that A is crashed first but then I am unsure as there are 3 other possible paths
So youre right, you start ith A since it has the lowest costs. You can never take C (since it is shorter than B (it is not on the citical path) and B cannot be crashed, so crashing C wouldnt impact your finishing time; same for F). Go along your critical path, you can crash G twice (2x1000) which is the best option. Now youre still missing one week. Therefore, crash week H (1200). 500+1000+1000+1200=3700
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