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Let's host a party for Simone with shit loads of champagne and strippers. She deserves it!!! Thanks again
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If you're the DJ I will supply the Vodka :)
How did the exam go? Thoughts? For the first open question: did you write ALL middle strategies or only the one you thought fits and a drawback of each?
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When is he going to upload the answer key?
It has just been uploaded on the Student Portal (under "Examination materials")
Does anyone know how many points you need to pass this course?
For the exam, the grade is calculated in the following way: 0,6*(grade for MC questions) + 0,4*(grade for open questions) = overall grade For the MC questions, you need 40 out of 60 to obtain a 5,5. For the open questions, you need 22 out of 40 points to obtain a 5,5. There is no minimum amount of points that you have to obtain on each part, as long as your overall grade is either a 5,5 or higher.
Can someone explain the difference between horizontal and vertical chunckification and give an example where it's applied to a process because I really don't get it
Horizontal: have several firms do the same task -> e.g. Nike has more than one factory that produces shoes; -> Nike can compare performance of factories (reduces shirking) and no factory has bargaining power (reduces opportunistic renegotiation) Vertical: divide a task into different subtasks and have different companies do the different tasks -> e.g. one company cleans data for you > sends it to next company > next company extracts certain data > sends it to next company> next company divides data into categories > sends it to next company > last company analyzes data > sends it to you; -> every company has very little knowledge about what exactly they are doing for you and they also do not know exactly who the other companies are thus it reduces the risk of poaching
Thank you so much !!
Can or can't? If so how can they be combined? Thank you!
When implementing system modules via a phased conversion strategy, you still have the option of a parallel or cutover approach for conversing each phase of the system. A pilot strategy could include a parallel strategy at the pilot site
Thank you! :)
Which chapters are not relevant for the exam ??
Shandor this is unacceptable.
The amount of articles we have to study for this course is as well hahah
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Shandor mah boi blessed us
Glad you like it haha. Goodluck on the exam! :)
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this is amazing, thank you!
Thanks! Goodluck on the exam :) Please note that the mandatory articles for the presentations are in the separate document. This was an accident, sorry! The link is in the description
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Sorry I forgot that this one excludes the mandatory articles for the team presentations. I hope to reach all of you this way. The other articles can be found here: Adding to this: I have understood that the TEDTalks I did summarize and p.12 and p.73 from Brewer are to be excluded as well! Good luck studying!
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god bless you
you probably mean "without paying attention to principals welfare" right?
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Are you planning on making one for CG as well? :) This looks really nice! Thank you
Gonna be up in an hour! :)
its up!
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Love it ! It's so useful... You must be someone really organized !
Thank you, you could say I'm an organization goddess for sure! But anyway I'm grateful for your kind words and appreciative comment. Love to all
Could someone upload a list of all the abbreviations used in this course please?
So much hate hahaha we can't even ask something wtf
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I really like your summaries!! Can you maybe upload the summaries of the other articles which are exam relevant but you didn't post?
Thank you! Unfortunately I didn't manage to summarize all of the exam relevant articles, for the ones I didn't summarize myself i used either Simone Smolders or Daniel Schemmert summaries, majority of which you can find on his page since he made them last year already.
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There's a small mistake in the summary: Separation (not integration) seems to be unnatural for individuals holding the encompassing view. Best Daniel
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Can you tell me what font do you use ? I love it !
Glad you like it! It is actually from our Cost Accounting book hahah! It is called ITC Berkely Oldstyle Std. Bear in mind that it does not come with most computers, I had to download it online! :)
may I ask which article includes this concept?
only "dividing a task"is effective here
You are right, my apologies
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Great job for your summaries, I download them for every course, but be careful because you do quite a lot of typos.
Thanks for the feedback! Might be because i work quite fast haha! Will defenitaly keep an eye on them! :)
you repeated the same 4 sentences here twice, just a heads up :)
My bad, thank you ! :)
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your summaries for CG and MIS are gold!!!! Thanks a lot <3
Thank you :)
Please also upload for tut 4 <3
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Margarida love your summaries! Keep it up
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Does it matter if we use pen or pencil for the open ended part? Can't find anything on the exams stating it. Thanks in advance
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aaaaaand i used pencil :)
No it does not matter. You need to use pencil on the first part because of the machines that 'read' your answers.
Should be 'Enterprise systems are designed to SOLVE the problem fragmented information...' Best Daniel
Hello! Can someone help me find out which articles are new this year (so which ones were not in the previous exams)? Thank you :)
just check both course manuals?
Did you ?
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May god bless you!
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The hypotheses are wrong - watch out guys!
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Ah true, you're right. Thanks!
We still love you Zoe!
Do we need to know all the names of the customization choices? (S5 - Luo & Strong)
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Amazing! Thanks a lot Zoe you have been helping us so much through all the courses so far and again for MIS, I am very grateful that you share with us your awesome summaries. Keep up the good work and good luck!
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What would you say are the toughest concepts in this course?
Could someone please upload the old exams again?
Are we allowed to upload journals here?
Does anyone know where to find the suggested articles for Internet of Things? Can't find them on Google Scholar, studydrive or UM library online
You have to go on student portal on the normal MIS course page, then click assignments in tool bar, and then you can download the document for the group assignment which contains the recommended extra literature for all topics!
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Please note that the title of the summary is wrong. However, the content is still correct and corresponds to the article 'Is it all a game? Understanding the Principles of Gamification.' Sorry for that. :) Best, Daniel
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I need a password to print them ?
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If you upload it to your google drive and open it from there, you can print it.
Thank you!
Any complaints for the resit exam? I (so far) found question 51, where the answer should be B (Version K).
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+ question 51 of course
Changes in answer key Posted on: Thursday, 15 June 2017 15:20:40 o'clock CEST Based on the comments I have received so far, the following changes were made to the answer key: Question 36: All answers correct (all versions). Question 51: Version A: A is correct (instead of B) Version K: B is correct (instead of A) Version M: A is correct (instead of C) Version R: B is correct (instead of A). An overview of all exam comments + my reaction is available under 'course materials'.
in the version A, answer key question 7 should be 7b right??(not 7A)
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first sit
the answer is C of our first sit
Hey peeps, I have the resit and I saw that I used an exam from 2013 when I was studying for the first time this february but cant find the document nor any answers to that. Does anybody know where the exams of previous years like 2015, 2014,2013 can be found ?
If people are like making new documents please upload them!
Any comments/complaints on the MIS exam?
Chae is not bae
Hey guys, do you have any idea how to calculate whether you passed or failed? It says the multiple choice part weighs 60% and the open quiestions part weighs 40% of the total grade. I have 36 correct in multiple choice so how much points do I need to get for the open questions then? (I believe I will get 19-23points for open questions)
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Thanks, finally opened Facebook haha
it means that you get sufficient grade only for multiple choice part, not for entire exam
Hey short question, I hope it's not too off-topic: Can anyone tell me what the most used ERP software solutions are? Which one is the go-to tool which most companies use? Or is the market diverse? I'm grateful for every answer.
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SAP and Oracle
thanks guys
Does anyone have more practice material for MIS ? Would be very much appreciated ! :)
Does anyone have a cheatsheet with the most important concepts and definitions ?
Does someone have a good overview/summary of the guest lecture of Dr. Michael Viehs (Investment manager at Hermes Investment Management)?
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