Introduction to International and European Law

at Maastricht University

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what are the most relevant chapters of EU law we should take a look at?
I'm sure u should check free movement of persons and remedies as well!!
also i have one last question, whenever i try to answer EU law questions, i can never be sure what the issue at hand is and what rules exactly to use.. is there any chance i could get some last minute advice on this?
hi, are the first 5 chapters of EU law even worth looking at? (except legal base). What are the chances of a question on foundations of the EU for example?
I do not think, that they are important, but you can check the tasks in the course book if they are kind of similar to the exam, but in general, I can't imagine that they're gonna ask them....
do Ius cogens take precedence over treaty law if customs and treaties are in conflict?
ius cogens takes precedence over any other type of international law.
Hi, unfortunately i'll be doing the resit:( What is the best way to highlight/ organise the EU treaties book? Thanks!
What I did was tabs at the different treaties/directives/... so that I could find them easily and then color-code the articles per topic (e.g. : pink for reservations and orange for treaty law)