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u make me un poco loco
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Thank you for the great summary, it's very helpful! I think that the True/False questions are incorrect. We discussed them in our tutorial, and it turned out that the first one is true, but the 2nd and the 3rd one are false
Thank you! I think there are some major discrepancies between tutors then.. my tutor noted them to be this way :) maybe we could voice a collective enquiry about them? Would be nice to see what we're up to!
Actually, the graphs shows if the REER is above or under one. If the REER of the home currency > 1 then, the currency is undervalued. If REER < 1 then the currency is overvalue. Then, Denmark as as currency undervalued, as well as Greece but Germany has a mixed currency (undervalued and overvalued)
Thank you for pointing that one out! Our tutor noted it this way but I will ask again next week :)
Why 120 and not 125?
OOPS mistake, it is indeed 125 ! But the end result is still 20. :)
Does anyone have task 3 solutions? :(
can someone post solution task 2 please
Here you go :)