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Intervention in international law
What are all the topics they mostly ask exam questions on?
free movements, remedies for sure
Anyone else have the feeling they should have gotten more point on the exam looking at the model answers?
Yes. But I don’t understand when we can object if Thursday/Friday is only for feedback
where can we get the scan of the exam
Hi, unfortunately i'll be doing the resit:( What is the best way to highlight/ organise the EU treaties book? Thanks!
I would do one color for one topic. I divided them into general (institutions, etc.), competences and lawmaking, direct actions before the court, free movement of persons, and free movement of goods. Good luck with the resit!
There is a contents section at the beginning of the book. Save yourself some time and just use that in the exam. If you know where the sections are located in the book you'll find it easier instead of randomly tabbing everything. I found this worked for EU law, but obviously not for International law. Good luck!
In Freedom of Goods, if the good is considered lawfully produced in another MS (mutual recognition), there is no possible justification right?
Wouldn't we also need to check rule of reason?
Can someone explain the double efficiency test of EU law please?
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Are you going to post the full summary of European law? :)
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Does anyone have a copy of previous exams?
Does anyone know what we are supposed to read for tutorial 11?
Since the coursebook says to read the parts needed to answer the assignments, I read parts of Chapter 7 and 8 to find the answers to my learning goals. Hope that helps!
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Thank you!
What cases do we need to mention for Task 16 'Another beer, please.`?
guys, what if i forgot to make footnotes to the assignments for this course? Is that plagiarism or minus points?
if you didnt mention sources at all, I dont think they consider it a passing work
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i think there is problem with the articles!
for which case?
the issue on task 10 is whether the case can be submitted to the ICJ? I got confused when it says "possible options to do so"
Can the actions of other states affect the creation of a new customary law?
yes if a majority of states adheres to the newly formed custom
Do you solve the case by using IRAC or how should an answer be structured with learning goals?
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have no idea yet
thanks for info though
how did you guys solve task 6; customary law
I'm interested as well! do u think that Alfa is bound by the practice?
i have no idea so far. its quit complicated with a lot of things going on. If someone figures it out on what applies, please do tell :)
Hey, this year's course is starting soon and I was wondering if anyone could provide information on what books we should buy? The course book lists 4 books but buying all of them is incredibly expensive. Does anyone have tips as to what books are less necessary or include information that can be easily found online?
Oops, I realized I misread the prices and its about 100 euros cheaper than I thought. In that case I think you're right and i'll just buy them
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thanks dude
Thank you!!
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Yes if you want to mark it in the book it could be on a different page But I cannot check that
does anyone know when the results will be released? :-)
I would expect them at the beginning of next week.
Does anyone know where I could find any test exams or exams from previous years?
I believe that there is a past exam on student portal. Otherwise you can also try asking at the Ouranos office at the law faculty, they have a lot of past exams in their system.
ATTENTION: That are the pages in the OLD book from 2015
Thank you! But does it make a big difference?
Hey guys what do you think will be the most probable themes for the exam this year ?
Use of force, treaty reservations, free movement of goods, EU remedies
Same as ever year
Which case law should I use for direct concern? and which case law for individual concern?
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thank you
You’re welcome
do we need articles 265 and 277 TFEU?
Yeah I believe so
Does anyone know where to find exams from previous years?
Try asking at the Ouranos office at the Law Faculty, they usually have past exams in their system.
can someone please explain me what the south west africa case is about? I don´t really get this one :-)
Binding force of Security Council resolutions (not limited to Chapter VII)
Thank you
Jurisdiction to prescribe is only allowed when it is supported by a permissive principle of international law So where to find the permissive principles or are these the territoriality, active nationality, ... principles?
yes, the principles are territoriality, active nationality...
Thank you
Can someone explain me, how you can find a legal basis in general or where?
A legal basis is an article explaining who can act, under which procedure and what can be done. They can usually be found in part III of the TFEU (e.g. article 114 TFEU)
thank you!
This (Case 18/87) is not the Commission v Germany case we have to learn (Case 178/84)
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can someone from the previous years please post the past exams? :) thank you!!!!!
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Really Wtf?!?!
Try asking at the Ouranos office, they have past exams in their system. :)
Can a non UN- member state use the ICJ at all?
All UN member states are automatically parties to the ICJ Statute and non-UN member states are allowed to become parties to the ICJ statute (Art 93 (2)), for example, Switzerland recognized ICJ jurisdiction over its states activities in 1948 but became a member of the UN in 2002
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good job ....I like the pic ?
Thank you!! Hahaha
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Hey Kevin, thank you for uploading this document. Would you please be so kind and also upload the second chapter? Thank you in advance
Hey man no problem! I'm working on it! I'll upload it as soon as I finish
Can you elaborate on this concept please?
What are the undertakings of the Kadi Case?
Does this refer to the system of dual vigilance?
Does anyone by any chance have any past exams????
Does anyone have the answers for last year's IEL exam firstsit?
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Can you please give an elaboration on the Res communis omnium? Thank you!
something, a land for instance that belongs to the entire community. The common heritage of all humankind not subject to the sovereignty
thank you!!!
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Why is it a turning point in WW2? What specific event happened (well besides WW2 itself)?
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I am pursuing LLB with the University of London through distance learning. I am in dire need of study materials like short notes for Eu Law, Equity and Trust, Administrative law and Jurisprudence for me to complete my LLB Programme. I don't have a financial capacity to buy text books on line. So help me please.
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Good Job, girl <3
:D :D <3
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Niceee :-)