Does anyone have the course manual of this year? Student portal is down
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Was this an actual exam or just put together by a student?
This is only one reason. What is the second?
Hey guys, does anyone have some more old exams to share? Would be highly appreciated :-))
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I just uploaded the exams one by one, hope that helps! :)
thank you!
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The bare minimum you can do for a course? Read this! Not saying this isn't amazing though
really useful if you already read the articles. otherwise this probably won't get you through the exam
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It cannot get any better than this
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Good. This is helpful.
Hey Zoe! Do you also have summaries for Tutorial 5 and 8? :)
To the "anonymous user" your summaries are BRILLIANT! :D
Thank you ! ;)
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I am so happy you're in my course! You go Zoe!
Any old exams??
How do you guys interpret the first question of case two? After reading the case, explain how Cheryl Smith could help senior management better understand the importance of IT’s role in WestJet in terms of existing operating systems and future systems, and the implications of that role in gaining approval for Smith’s transformation of IT. What do they mean with the second part of the question?
Agreed, im also struggling on this
Do you guys think the summaries provided here are sufficient to pass the exam ? I had a look at the exam of last year and a few things I wasn´t able to answer only with the summaries.
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yea that´s also what I´m doing!
Personal opinion" The summaries uploaded, are good meaning that they cover the main definitions and key concepts you need to know from each article. But they aren't sufficient "background-wise" but actually if you understand the articles and participated on the tutorials you don't need much bigger summaries anyway, since the rest missing in the summaries is logic/developing the key concepts within the summaries
Any tips for studying for the exam?
summaries for tomorrow anyone?
Could anyone upload old exams ??
Could somebody please upload summaries for the articles of tutorial 9? I'm completely lost on those. Thanks!
Does anyone have a summary of Porter et al?
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legend <3
I would like to know if anyone could give me any advice for this course and to know how hard the course is, specially in the first few weeks! Thanks!
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so how do you pass the course
Yes, how do you prepare ?