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Regarding the exam question 2 a) and b): Did we ever cover why China wants to reduce its FDI inflow and what policies it is using?
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How are we supposed to complain if the course coordinator has not uploaded the exam yet haha XD
He just did!
Could someone be so kind and quickly summarize the key take-aways of the article "Financial Opening: Evidence and Policy Options" by Joshua Aizenmann that talks about financial opening and crisis risk? I have read the article but the conclusion is a bit vague in my opinion..
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Nonehteless for me the main take aways are: - Financial opening makes countries faces shared risk - Worse for developing countries because they do not have strong institutions. COmmon to see twin-crisis: currency + banking Reforming the financial system is really hard because of: - Importance of political context and see how a change affect incentives (Lucas critique) - Transparency costly to implement and possibility of loopholes -Overdependence of risk indicators: cheating to give better image
Thank you! That definitely helped :)
Does anyone have a summary of the paper by DRISKILL (2012) that we had to read for TUTORIAL 3 ?? Would be amazing :)
I uploaded mine, I hope it helps :)
looks fantastic, thank you soo much!!
If anyone made a full summary of the articles, I would by really happy if you could post it :) Cheers
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Would it be possible to also upload it as a word document? :) that would be amazing!
sure no problem!
Thank you so much! :)
Does anyone have the summary for this article (tutorial 3) and is willing to post it??? --> DECONSTRUCTING THE ARGUMENT FOR FREE TRADE: A CASE STUDY OF THE ROLE OF ECONOMISTS IN POLICY DEBATES You would do a huge favour to many people !! Thank you <3
Hey guys, I have two questions concerning the article by Freeman about immigration: - What is positive selection? - What is meant by substitutes and complementarities? Thanks in advance :)
A substitute is a general possibility to replace something with something else and got exactly the same outcome: If you eat a bread or a sandwich doesn't matter both are still satisfying the same need Complementaries are goods that add up to something or work hand in hand. A complementary for the sandwich would be cheese to arrive at a full product. Positive selection in this case means that people are selected for there level of skill. The example in the text show that working people in foreign countries have a way higher education than the average from the country itself
Does anyone have a good comprehensive exam summary?
Does anyone have the solutions for tutorial 4?