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I finally passed this! BYE, I am out
Ok bye
what questions can we submit for the resit comments?
did someone complain?
does anybody know how to solve this one plz??
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thanks dude
thanks man
I have to pass the FSCM resit, in order to proceed to the second year, but I was barely able to study for the exam (personal reasons). Any last-minute tips ?
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Oh and good luck to you too.
Going Bad buuuut I'll be happy to be with all this shit tomorrow to get drunk aswell
How do you find 0.667 ?
8/12 = 0.667. divide by 12 since six sigma is 6 x sd on each side.
So for 6 sigma you always divide by 12??
anyone please...? totally lost here
8 divided by 12, six sigma does 6 on both sides so you'll get 0.66667
why is it 50 ?
0+ 200(minimum inventory level) -150
aren't you missing +16 for the already existing inventory to get to -29?
How do you calculate this one? It's D.
You have to first calculate the Target Service Level (TSL) =( 2.5 - 1.25) / (2.5 - 1.25) + (1.25 - 0.4) = 0.5952 or 59.52%. You then look that number up on the given Z table on the formula sheet. You find that the number is closest to 0.24. You take that 0.24 and multiply it with the standard deviation to find 21.6 --> round that up to 22 and add it to the 500 demand. Your answer is 522!
the answerkey says that te answer is Second tier but.... before the distributor ths is the first tier so????
This is just as an example, here they take manufacturing company as the centre. If they would take retailer as the centre, then the manufacturing company would be the retailer's second tier upstream supplier.
Can someone explain me question 25 of the first sit?
What numbers do you use for the stockout and overstock costs? it says Stockout = unit price - cost. But what do I use for cost??
For question 5
that should be 20
How did you get this?
sd/ average, So (3/2)^2 and (4/1.5)2. sum up and divide by 2
like this
2 extra needs 1 bananas, isn't?
No area was marked for this question
find cp value for temperature and thickness
Did someone find anything for bonus points? I need one point to pass.. I got 33..
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"So, if your remarks indicated a flaw in our questions or if our questions gave room for multiple interpretations, we adapted the answer key." This is from the outcomes of the comments procedure from last year. I mean bonus points in the sense of adapting the answer key, not the lab experiment bonus point for the participation grade.
My bad. Personally, I didn't
The operation with the lowest effective capacity are the hairdryers (111), the sinks (119) have a higher effective capacity. So why wouldnt it be B, because even though the sink have less of a desig capacity (140), hairdryers (148), we were asked to give the design capacity of the operation with the *lowest* capacity (hairdryers with 111)
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bc you are asked for the lowest capacity not 'effective capacity'. Design capacity of operations from the table are: 140 - toilet, 300 - sink and 148 - hand dryer. The lowest design capacity is 140 - answer B
Yes, I know that, just found it a bit misleading and wanted to know if anyone thought the same.
why is not a delphi method
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and they are questioned
Where does this concept come from?
did we study scor model???
how to do this
anyone knows why its not 0.2 ??
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told ya
but then you are also counting the throughput rate of the pizza
How do you calculate MPS?
How to do Q44?
anyone can explain the difference between order qualifier and order winner please?
An order qualifier is a characteristic of a product or service that is required in order for the product/service to even be considered by a customer. An order winner is a characteristic that will win the bid or customer's purchase. Therefore, firms must provide the qualifiers in order to get into or stay in a market.
how to do this
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why can you only do 20 orders per day?
because cooking burgers is the bottleneck
can someone differentiate between these kinds?
why is it A?
because maastricht university directly supplies discount for students thus increase profit for umworld
do you think there will be more theory questions than calculations in the exam?
Its supposed to be 60% theory and 40% calculations
Does anybody have a brief summary ? (Around 30 pages)
Why do u multiply it with 8?
because one shift is 8 hours
can someone explain why is it C?
if you look at the explanation of Q21 here in the comments, you can tell that for Q23 you only have to change the labour cost in the calculation (which is now €9 for everyone) and you'll still get €115 as the profit, so nothing has changed
this is Q/2 + Safety Stock
how to do this one
you have to use this formula 𝑭𝒕+𝟏 = πœΆπ‘«π’• +(πŸβˆ’πœΆ)𝑭𝒕 so you get for week 2 : 10,000 x 0.4+(1-0.4)x11,000=10,600 for week 3: 12,000x0.4+(1-0.4)x10,600=11,160 for week 4: 13,000x0.4+(1-0.4)x11,160=11,896
how to do this one
you have to calculate EOQ the formula is on the formula sheet so square root of (2*18000*25)/1
how to do this one
how do this one
how do you do this
how to do this
how to do this one
how do you do this one?
all answers were counted as correct so I wouldn't worry about this question
how to do this question
you have to do the number of visitors helped divided by hours worked (converted in minutes) minus the idle time. for exemple for jack it is 316/202=1.56
how do you calculate efficiency delay?
you have to do idle time divided by hours worked (which you have to convert in minutes) then you noticed that john has the lowest percentage of delay, so the highest efficiency delay.
Does anyone know why we get to Frederick?
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can you please write the calculations? I don't get your result
felix: 480-20=460 --> 250/460= 0.54 Frederick: 360-45=315 ---> 420/315=1.333 ...
Isn't the maximum capacity limited due to operation C? Which is 350 units .
Yep, 350 units/h because of the bottleneck C
How do you do this question?
how do you do this
The exercise mentions the theory of constraints. So we have to look for a constraining factor in the table. Our bottleneck in our burger making process is "cooking the burgers", which limits our Burger output to 20 orders per hour. So you do 20*2(average customer orders)*4(sell price)= 160. Thats your revenue. Because we want the profit, we have to subtract the costs, so you subtract the sum of the labour cost per workers (45€), which gives 160-45 = 115.
how do you do this one
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