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How do you solve question 26 (Exam:July 10th 2015 Version O).
Can someone please help out? The answer for this question is D. I did the Kanban formula and got 517.5. However, how do I use this number to get the final answer? Thanks in advance!
If anyone could help me out that be great. I know the formulas but I cant find the special way they use it in the exam in the book. The answers are A, and A for both questions. Thank you in advance!
there you go, in the first one you use the Pn formula from the sheet and do it for 0, 1, and 2 since it asks for less than 3 for 25 they tell you Cs is 7 so you fill in the formula to find the service rate and then use all the information to do the Tw which is what they ask.
Thank you so much!! You are honestly a life saver!
I set up everything, I just don't understand what to do after I set up the fishbone chart. Please help. Answer is D
Answer is D because you do not know the efficiency of each participant for each task, thus no matter how they are set up they will each take the allotted amount of time for each task. This means that changing their position has no impact on the cycle time
THank you!!!
Can someone just show me how you get the ratio? I know the formula and everything its just I do now know how to use the process mean in the process ratio formula. Thank you!
Cpk= min [ (3- 2.98)/(3 x 0.004) ; (3.02-3) / (3 x 0.004)] = min [ 1.6 ; 1.6] since this is larger than 1 the process in able to meet the requirements 99.7% of the time
You are the best ! Thank you!!
Does anybody know how to solve this ?
I don´t get to the right result here. If anybody can show how to derive it I really appreciate.
Question 24 and 25 (1st Sit 2018 VM) Can someone help me by showing me their calculations to get the answers: 0.03 and 0.875? Thank you
Hello can someone just show me how to solve this? Thank you! Answer is A
Hi Toni, Did you check the answer key for the correct version? The Version M First Sit and the respective answer key shows that the number in B) is correct! So you might want to check that again. Best, Your Success Formula Team
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why the downvotes? this is correct!? :D
how do you know that one hundred weight equals 1000 pounds?
its in the book :) i think it was somewhere in a part about transportation.
anyone has the scale of grade?
I just know that you pass with 34 points = 5.5