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What program did yo u use to make this by the way?
it’s a regular power point presentation :D
oh okay... Looks so professional haha
can someone upload the 2020 course manual please?
bro why would we have it before you
hahahaah I have no idea about that! I failed the course last year and do not have access to the course portal. If you can upload it once you have it, would be awesome. Thanks
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Great Work. Looking forward to these. Thanks
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hi, where can I find it online?
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hi, is it from this year book?
hey there! yup its based on the fifth global edition berk / demarzo, so its this years version :)
can someone upload the course manual please?
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Why is this being uploaded now? Finance is in period 5 lol
Hi guys can someone help me expalin why certain procedures were carried out for each stage of preparing standard solution. Thanks
I am giving away 20€ to anyone who finds me 6 bonus points
Any ideas for complaints on the resit?
can someone explain me the calculation for this question I can't get to the right answer?
NPV = 500000 - 250000/1.1 - 250000/1.1^2 - 250000/1.1^3 -250000/1.1^4 -250000/1.1^5 + 1000000/1.1^5 = 173 224,6 - that's how I did it, not sure if its right tho
Does anybody have extensive calculations for the 2018 first sit ?
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can someone show me the calculation for questions: 22-39-42 please
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For 39 you have to do a table including all the data to calculate the dividends and then the share price (this exercise is in many past years exams so you should find a correction easily) and for the 42 you just apply the formulas from the formula sheet.
How do I work out the Beta for both of these stocks?
Could you tell me why that is -10?
discount 11 million security with rf 0.1
how do you do this calculation?
it's the formula
how to solve that
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how do we calculate the IRR
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Wtf ! Do you only want to share your document with Germans ?
Oh, have a sense of humour. At least he wrote in English.
How do you know that the resit is on the 4th?
is not, the date will not be published until Friday the 5th
Does anyone know when the Finance resit is?
They will announce that on the 5th of July
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is it the updated one?
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Do you think it is sufficient to study with this, as the book is rather long and this summarises the most important content?
Studying this in combination with completing past papers to learn the calculations required for the exam should be enough to pass yes.
When will we have results of finance?i
Looking for finance tutoring. If you know of anyone please let me know.
Hello does anyone has the assignment for the course? thanks in advance
I agree with you definitely !
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thank you so much, you're a godsent angel
Any ideas of complaints??
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how many points do you think​ he will give?
20: "The IRR cannot be used to choose between mutually exclusive projects when the latter have the same scale, risk or timing of cash flows." <- according to the answer key, this answer does belong to the pitfalls, even though in the book it mentions when they DIFFER in scale, risk or timing, not when they have the SAME scale, risk or timing. It's on page 255 for the people interested. The question asked which did not belong to the pitfalls, so this one has 2 possible answers. Also, I guess you could argue that for question 30 all 4 options are possible, depending on how you reason.
can someone explain please
A change in the expected inflation will affect both the demand and the supply curve. It will affect the demand curve because when the expected inflation rises, investors will demand a higher interest rate to cover their lost. Thus, demand for bonds fall, same for bond's price and the interest rate will increase. --> Leads to a left shift of the deand curve. And vis versa, if the expected inflation fall, then demand for bonds will rise, price will also rise and the interest rate will decrease. --> Right shift in the demand curve For supply now, an increqse in the expected inflation will cause the bond price to fall and the interest rate to increase. --> Right shift in the supply curve. And vis versa Hope, it is a little bit clearer now :)
thank s al ot
I had 47 627 for saving and 43 824 for investing for the C... and also I don't get why you say time horizon is missing ?
the final amount of savings is 4399,79, then smaller than 4,450..
This is the formula for Debt-to-capital Ratio ! The debt-to-equity ratio is just Total debt/total equity
How do we solve these 2? Thanks
19) 0=-350+25/(r-0.02) for Kimjong and 0=-350+50/r for Trumpie, calculate it and you'll see that B is correct. 20) -350+25/(r-0.02)=-350+50/r and you'll get to C.
For Trumpie, to find the 50 how do you do? I though it was 25/0.05 but I get 500
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everybody was waiting for that one, thanks !
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I hope it helps :)
I think you should use the PV formula : (1000/1,1) + (3000/1,1^2) + .... = 14 807
I get the same value but according to my understanding of the question, isn't it the future value we want both our project to be ? So don't we have to discount this value (according to strategy 2 --> 14807/(1.1^5) in order to get the value we want to put in the saving account?
Beau gosse
Does someone know how to solve these2?
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Because E and D are both 1 and in the formula it says E/(E+D), so since E is 1 and E+D is 2, than it gives you 0.5
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My hero
you're welcome :)
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god bless u
is this question wrong?
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i know but i still cant get even close to one of the anwsers could you show?
15000* ((1.05^30 -1)/0.05) = 996583 (A)
how you do this?
Why is D right?
How would you calculate the YTM here?
Can someone explain please? :)
need to use the Rwacc formual= e/D+E*Re+D/E+D*Rd*(1-tc) => 0.06=0.5*Re+0.5*0.03*(1-0.35)=C
Can someone explain please?
StuPid Finance!!!!!!
I feel you.
I‘m f***** man, I have failed Econ have a QM2 Resit, didn’t do shit for Finance and haven‘t even started studying FSCM.
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