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Anyone has the 2019-2020 First sit exam?
It's on student portal under the course page
Why I cant upload the participation resit....
Can somebody help with this one? :)
Well I really don't know how to do this but... 0.14 * 0.5 = 0.07 0. 14 - (1/2 *(0.07) * 0.35) = 0.14 - 0.01225 = = 0.12775 = 12.8% This is the best I got. Not sure if it is the right.
Can someone answer this question? I think the question is formatted wrong The answer is A
Guys any ideas ahha? The answer is A
Any ideas :) ? Answer is 3%
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hmm ok i dont know about that one, I just remeber that when there is no rD given, than i should take the rf to calculate. :/
Yeah, I am not sure but just wondering too. Thanks for the explanation though! I will use it as well if it comes out in the exam
how do we solve this?
Does anyone know how to do this? Is it just the effective dividend tax rate formula? The answer I got was 44.11 but I don't think its correct
This one too .. Answer is B