Faultlines. Contemporary debates on identity, culture and citizenship in Europe

at Maastricht University

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Ask students to use at least 7 sources and then: "because many things come together (education etc), making things a bit more difficult to understand"... Essentials of MU
Very true! It all depends on the tutor you have :)
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There is a description of the document stating 7/10.
Whats "Think big, act small! " referring to?
Have big ideas/ plans, but act small as in take small steps to achieve your goals. I.E: you want to start a very successful , international business you don't go from having nothing to buying international headquarters. You start small and go from there.
does anyone has answered the questions for assignment 3? pleeeease
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On page two, "territorial communism", shouldn't it be "territorial communitariansm" ?
yeah, it should be. sorry for my typo :D Hope people will read the comments