Any idea how to solve this?
g-guise?? anyone helping?
Can someone post the solution for this?
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very based! thank you :)
Anyone please ?
1. Family values, beliefs and philosophy 2. Family council meeting 3. Family involvement in the business: board membership, voting
Can someone please upload the answers??
Can someone post a picture of the table please?
Any ideas for this one ?
Any complaints for the Break even task? It was not specified whether they wanted the break even point in Euros or Units? Used formula BE = Total fixed cost / contribution per unit Do you think that‘s alright? My answer was in units then.
How are you guys studying for this exam? Most intangible and useless thing we had in the past 2 years
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I agree, an exam isn't really value-adding in this course. Would've been better to go more in depth with the crowdfunding project and stuff
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will you post one with the answers included?
Is already up
my bad
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why do you think its exam relevant ? I can't find the article in the course manual
Chapter 3, 4 and this article were prescribed for the entrepreneurial interview and also exam relevant
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You're amazing
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Hello everyone! Hope studying is going okay! For those interested: I have reorganised this document (and the missing chapters) into flashcards for open questions! The document is up under the name 'open question exam practice' and can be used on its own or as a supplement to this document. Good luck studying :) xx
Thanks! Appreciate it very much
the defintions are swapped
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The first sit and resit of 18 in your file are the same
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Hi Simone, love it! But can you maybe also upload an empty one, without the answers?
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Its uploaded! Not sure if you would have liked it to be a Word File so you can fill it in on your laptop, but I use a MacBook and I like to use Pages... Since Pages is not supported by non-apple laptops I uploaded it in PDF-form. You can still fill it in handwritten, but hope its okay for you! :)
Ah, thanks! PDF is fine, thank you!
Are all chapters in the book exam relevant?
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Excuse me? 🙃
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Like if you're just here for the comments
hahah i knew this was coming as soon as i saw it uploaded yesterday xD
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whats the pdf password bc i cant edit it without and i would like to make some changes for myself
Just change it to a Word doc :)
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Would you say learning only this is enough for the exam?
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Exactly the answer I was looking for thankkkks
Please note that I said ‘to the best of my knowledge’ and do not blindly trust me :)
Hey everyone! I'm planning to study Entrepreneurship and SME Management at Maastricht University. In the weekly program plan it says 8 hrs classes, 14 hrs group work and 18 hrs individual study. What exactly does 'individual study' mean? Thanks for your help! :)
It means that before each class, you have to read the chapter before coming to that session and you have to prepare the learning objectives
Thanks a lot!
I think you made a minor spelling mistake? I'm pretty sure it is "informal family arrangements" :)
hahaha yeah that's my autocorrect hahah but fairy arrangements sounds fun though ;)
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Are you going to post a final summary of ESBM? :D
I wanted too but I figure out there are enough summaries out there and I don't have the time for the summary to be really complete
But thanks for the support! Really appreciate it
please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the pre-engagement, initial and advanced phases part of the uppsala model? I'm wondering since in the book they talk about these phases right after defining the uppsala model and never mention what it is part of? :)
I don't have the book with me right now so I cannot look it up for you, however I would say it is not part of the Uppsala model since that model only states that you should take a little step, learn from it, and use the acquired knowledge in your next step. It does not specifically refer to any phases. I think it is more in general that companies follow those three phases, not really related to either model. I just put it below the product life cycle theory because the three phases resemble the steps of the product life cycle theory (pre-engagement = sell in home market - initial = sell abroad - advanced = produce abroad). Hope that clarifies it for you!
thank you!!
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when are you going abroad and which courses do you plan on taking? #askingforafriend
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Why you ask? :)
He is going to try his luck on exchange ;)
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Don't forget that chapters 3 & 4 are also exam relevant :)
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I am definately gonna try, but as I am jam packed with shifts at my work and boatraces (Saurus) I cant make any promises
Summary for the article by Shane and Venkataraman I missed is uploaded!
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Thanks 😍
You're such a rookie
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Hey Simone, thanks a lot for your great summaries! :) Will you post a full summary with all the materials for the exam? That would be fantastic!
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my pleasure :)
Concise summary of all literature+lecture for ESBM is up!
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Would it be possible to also upload it as a word document and not only pdf? :) That would be really nice!
I will upload it this afternoon 👍🏼
Thank you very much!!!! :)
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Thanks !!
you're welcome!
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Thank you too for your support and enjoy your holidays!
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^Thanks for your comment! I actually copied it from the book on p. 121. Apart from that, I personally think that "may be" is correct if I am not mistaken. However, I have to admit that there are some spelling mistakes and omitted words in my summaries. I hope they're still useful apart from this issue. :)
Daniel can you also make a compact summary for MIS?
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I don't know what you have changed since last period, but now, each time I highlight something in your summaries it creates a copy of the document because we are not allowed to change the original. Can you allow changes or unlock your documents? As it is very annoying.
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I didn't want to sound offensive if that is the way you took it ;)
I did not take offense, the issue you raised is simply one I cannot solve for you :)
hey ! what do u mean by that ?
I think i meant “...that tell you different but vital...” lil typo :)
oh damn... now i feel stupid.
Its okay honey :) The section only contained the basic stuff like “what is the balance sheet”, so don’t worry
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Are you also going to post the summary for chapter 13 of Baron and Shane?
Gonna work on it tomorrow!
Why is this year's exam with open questions and not multiple-choice like the previous years?
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Do you think it is easier or harder?
Thats for you to decide. I prefer open questions, as you get the chance to explain yourself. With MC exams the grading is very radical. But yeah personal preference. Just study and you will be fine
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Small correction: Innovators represent 2-3% of the market, while 14% are early adopters.
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aren't you in prison ?
Prison cannot stop my drive to write summaries. (also they forgot to take away my laptop) ;)
Oooops sorry guys
I went over the chapter again and I don't think there ever was a third step so no worries peeps! I just forgot to take the 'asdklfjakl' out
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why would you only post 1 chapter and not the whole book?
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I just found it on the internet and wanted to share with everybody
Credit Card must be a very thankful person.
Complain thread: Which questions to complain?
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Q13 This question is worded wrong, as the scale / measurement in the book is "increasing competitive advantage. All of them have more competitive advantage than "occasional/Incremental" and therefore have to some extend competitive advantage. The questions should be worded as following: “which of the following is expected to have the least competitive advantage ceteris paribus.”
I commented on Q16, Q25, Q3, Q30, Q36, Q41 and Q51
junge schemmert ich bin deine summaries so am wegschemmern, was ein ehreeeeeenmannnnnn
Damn Moritz why you asking always these super stupid questions at the beginning of the period?
Some general insights of the course
Is this enough for the exam ?
definitely not haha
Hey guys, something that I did not include but might be exam relevant is the % of employment (and perhaps of turnover as well) each of these types contribute to the total. You can find the numbers on p. 13 for this chapter and p. 37 for gazelles in chapter 2. Good luck!
I see what you did there
We need summaries...NOW ????
Also Daniel Schemmert, the community needs your summaries ??
Zoe Z, im waiting for you. Studydrive page opened, printer tuned on, ink ready to spunk on the paper. Please do not give up on your summaries, we believe in you, we have faith and will always be there to download from you. HAIL Zoe <3
Dont forget Daniel Schemmert! You know what they say - a Schemmert a day keeps the resits away
Thanks guys, super busy but will try to keep it up from monday on again!
Any complaints for resit?
The exam was quite difficult in general and so many questions were about the articles I can't answer some of the questions even with my notes now
Did you found any complaints?
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