Economics and Society in Contemporary Asia

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Please note that there have been substantial changes to the required literature for the exam: IMF (2018), Regional Economic Outlook: Asia and Pacific. Asia at the forefront, Growth Challenges for the Next Decade and Beyond, IMF World Economic and Financial Surveys, October 2018. Roland, G. (2014). Transition in Historical Perspective. In Anders Åslund and Simeon Djankov (ed.) The Great Rebirth. Lessons from the Victory of Capitalism over Communism, Ch. 13, pp. 237-257, Washington, DC: Peterson Institute for International Economics. Mah, J.S. (2011), Globalization, Democratization and Economic Growth of East Asia, International Area Studies Review, 14, 3, September, pp. 91-105. Kose, M.A, E. Prasad, K. Rogoff and S. Wei (2009), Financial Globalization: A Reappraisal, IMF Staff Papers, 56(1), pp. 8-62. Global Competitiveness Report (2019). Global Value chain Development Report 2017: measuring and analyzing the impact of GCVs on Economic Development, executive summary and Chapter 1. Park, S., Soo Jeoung Han, Seog Joo Hwang and Chan Kyun Park (2018), Comparison of leadership styles in Confucian Asian countries, Human Resource Development International, 22, 1, pp. 91-100. Bottomline: You will not need the majority of the stuff I uploaded ;) You only need Session 7 - 10 (check to be sure)
69... we need more summariesss plz
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I can't find the one for T1, with the why nations fail book?
Oh I didnt summrize that. It was part of a previous course (Financing Emerging Markets). I made a file called "Financing Emerging Markets complete summary", you can find it in there ;)