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Hey, Can you help me with this?
Hey! I solved the question by adding the tax of 80 on the buyer and calculated the new equilibrium. You first get P = 96 and then you can plug it either in the old supply or the new demand curve. Alternatively you could also put the tax on the producer in the first place. It doesn't matter. If you have more specific questions, please let me know :)
Is there anyone who knows about ordinary demand function? xoxo
Hi! :) Does anyone know what is the curve for demand and supply of macroeconomic ?? I am having a hard time to figure this out, so help me pls
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Does anyone know how to do question 38? Thanks
So the complaint tool went down and will be up soon. Does anybody have complaints on the economic exam? I really need 2 bonus points.
Sadly did not pass (by 3 points :/) anyone maybe down to help me in February? Just like meet once or twice or someone I can annoy with questions via whatsapp? I would of corse pay u! :)
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But how are we supposed to complain? The Student portal is down and the deadline was yesterday
I really have no idea
how do you solve this? answer is 2
Is there any complain about the exam? Need some bonus points
Same, complaint procedure starts tomorrow at 8 am
Same here
How do you find answer 4?
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This is literally copied from the book
Why is the answer 130 instead of 150?
Can someone explain how to do question 26 ?
Hi! Which exam are you referring to?
no worries I found the way to reach the answer thank you
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Thanks for the great work!! Will u upload the second part as well ?
((60x1)+(40x1)+(20x1)) - ((20x1)+(40x1)) = 120-60 = 60
Exactly, so here the important thing is that the government enforces the trade of 6 phones. Whereas if there was no government intervention, only 4 would be traded. So those additional 2 actually create negative surplus, which is why you subtract them.
Can someone explain backward induction for me?
Hi! So we always look at the last player first and then see which options they will choose, and eliminate those they will not choose (as these will not happen). Then there's basically 2 choices left, between which player 1 can decide and they will of course pick the one with the highest pay off for them. Hope that helps, let me know if anything is still unclear.
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legit life-savior, thanks <3
How should I solve question 20?
First, determine the market price. You do this by equaling market demand and market supply (680-17P=17P) After you found the Price for the market, you equal the market price to the marginal cost (Perfectly Competitive Market formula -> P=MC ). Then you will find the quantity for the specific firm :)
what does the A represent
Total revenue
Anyone please :)
For this question you take advantage of the fact that in perfect competition MC =P. You first determine q, by setting MC = ATC which gives you q = 10. The you plug that result in MC which gives you 21.
Help pls