Are there any questions from the exam that you think will be edited/removed?
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Hey Lasagna do you have summaries of chapters 4-6 from Hurley? If you do would be very much appreciated if you could upload them. Thanks! <3
i just uploaded my summaries for task 6 - 9. The Hurley chapters are summarized in there :)
Thanks :D
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Great Summary ! Thank you . Will you also be able to share your lecture notes
Hiiii glad they help! Well, I've kinda stopped taking notes half way through every lecture so my notes aren't good (and I don't find the information exam relevant either so I don't think I will go back to edit my notes or add anything to them from the slides...) so I don't think I will share them, sorry about that! :D
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Hello, will you post the task 5 today ? :) Thankyou and keep up the good work.
Can someone kindly share their lecture notes , for those who missed out on some lectures. Cheers
Can anyone explain me how to check equivalence in propositional logic, when the truth table shows operators such as @ } $ and so on... ?
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I think that two propositions are logically equivalent when they have same truth values regardless of the truth values of their components. So here in this example, you can see that the truth values of the components (for L and K) are different but it doesn't matter because these two propositions have the same truth values (the ones that are inside the blue rectangle). Think about it like they use different ingredients but end up with the same product. Hope that's what you meant.
how did your resit go?
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thank you :)
Can anyone upload pictures from his/her solutions of the tasks from the Course Manuel? Starting from Task 7 onwards? Would be of great help!!!
How does everyone like the course? :) any ideas of how to approach the exam, I am not sure whether the literature is actually going to be helpful or not :)
Don't underestimate the literature, the exam is going to be: content, history, argument mapping, fallacies, debate skills, propositions, and syllogisms. Study the content + history, and for the rest, practice is key
Hey pals, I kinda struggle with this course. I really don't know how to prepare properly or what to focus on... Any ideas maybe? :(
For the logic part, do as much of the assignments in the book as possible (they have solutions for ~1/3 of the examples - and often the solutions includes multiple steps) and for the other tasks, so the articles, write down what which person said and know the approx. timeline, then you should be more than fine :)
yeah agree practice for tasks 7,8,9 and for the rest make summaries with the most important info..also flash cards with the different fallacies would help
*asserting not denying
Lol apparently we are using the symbols in the course manual table instead of the ones in the book...
ffs thanks for telling me tho ?
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could u upload ur summaries for task 8 and 9 too maybe :)?
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amen Seb
thanks for the answer :)
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literally in love with youuuuu
you’re so cute ilyyyyy
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orgasm theory??
tense your vagina so you don't laugh
EG 11 In arguing his case that abortion is not personal moral choice, Frank Pavone, the director of Priests for Life, wrote the following passage: “Abortion is our problem, and the problem of every human being. We are one human family. Nobody can be neutral on abortion. It involves the destruction of an entire group of human beings!” This sounds logical and convincing, but it contains a well know reasoning error. Which one? A ) petitio principii (it is a case of circular reasoning or ‘Begging the question’) Why is it answer A? Can someone explain it :(
I have no idea because I wondered the same. But regarding the other answers this is the one suiting best for me, even though there is no implicit questions :-)
I definitely don't know how to prepare for the resit :/ I don't know what I can do differently to what I did for the last exam. Does anyone have good tips? I really have to pass this exam because otherwise I loose my spot for going abroad :(
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if you have in one course of the same year a grade equal or higher than 8 and did not pass another course which does give equal or fewer ECTs you can freeze that course, meaning you officially passed it with a 6.0. But you can do it only once during the whole Bachelor.
but you need a 5 to be allowed to do that :/
isnt it induction?
induction belongs to method of science
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best summary out there fam. respect
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thanks leonie <3
you're welcome :)
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Thanks for thinking about my ink :D And also thanks for your great summary!
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Thaaaaank youuuu :D
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as always, well done!
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Thank you! :)
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Do you hate Venn diagrams? ;)
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Yeah sure! :)
Have a lovely day :)
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Isnt it Task 4?
In the course manual its the preparatory literature for task 5 so I guess not
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Thank you so much! I was often sick this period but with your summaries I have hope for the exams :)