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does anyone know when the results of the resit are being published?
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Sorry, but actually they have 2 weeks left (the exam was on 10th April) and there are 4 weeks to publish the grade for the exam
Would it be appropriate to talk about unfair terms in the contract assignment given the non return policy?
For the resit assignment, do we have to include an introduction? or just IRAC?
Guys, in the resit assignment , how it is about the flowers? it is the same how it would be with the vase? any directions?
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Did you guys use Article 10 because I don't really understand it? It is stated in the assignment that the website does not have any information on withrawal rights and the article says that the withrawal period is then 12 months but that sounds very wrong? So I don't know if I should mention article 10 too or only 9 and 16?
I included art. 10 too
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Thank you so much for this helpful documents, I really appreciate it!! :)
maybe anyone has the colour system for the maas collection?
do you guys believe that a lot of attention should be paid to chapter 6? I feel like it’s the one with the smallest importance but idk
I don't think chapter 6 is very important... there's also not alot you need to know in that chapter...
I hope so hahahahaha thank you!!!
In the resit assignment, are we required to mention EU law only or can I cite Dutch law as well?
it says according to eu law in the assignment
At what time is the resit on the 8th?
isn't it on the tenth at one pm
Does anyone have solutions for tasks of Contract Law in course book in a completed way? I really need help to check my answers to be confident for re-sit. Thank you :)
some more cases that are good for practice
good for exam preparation if you apply IRAC on them
cases to work on
another case you might apply IRAC to
Bored of recycling the cases from the course book, considering the fact that you’ve already failed the first sit and you feel like the cases you had weren’t enough anyway? I’ve got you covered!
How do I differentiate what is important from what isn't while reading the source materials for the exams?
Does anyone have any tipps for the Resit Assignment? :)
When the model answers of today's exam will be posted?
Last year we got them in January only 2 days before the results
Sorry I am still missing some
anyone have a good color code to organize MC for contract !
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My Maastricht Collection still has all the sticky notes/highlighting which I used for contract inside - If you want you can copy it
Anonymous Floppy Disk, how you coded at Comparative Government?
how are ppl highlighting the ones needed in the Maastricht collection for contract law?
Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have a summary of the cases we're gonna need for the exam?
Has anybody their last year assignment ? I would like to see how a good answer looks like
just make sure to apply the facts to the case, that was an issue a lot of people have struggled with last year... so not just state the rules but actually analyze it and explain what it means in this particular case
Hey guys I am struggling a bit with the word count for the assignment. Do you just talk about offer and acceptance or about the intention to create legal relations as well? Because both does not seem to fit...
I was thinking to: 1. When a contract is formed. 2. The time of conclusion of the contract.
yeah agree, but for formation you also need intention to create legal relations, which will take up quite some space (consideration, etc.). Im just not sure if we have to go into that ..
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Is this the mapping task from the first tutorial?
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there is no contract without an agreement discuss
Agreements can also be reached indirectly, without any sort of hard proof, so your statements depends on what exactly you classify as an agreement. A meeting of the minds or a "hard" agreement.
Hi guys! Anyone who can help me out with the resit assignment? Any certain approach you're taking and what about the other ways to protect consumers from making unwanted purchases? Thanks in advance
Thoughts about resit exam ?
Guys, is someone out there dealing with the re-sit Assignment for contract? how are you approaching it? the costumers-protection topic is spread throughout the whole course book I would say right? what is your strategy here?
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I'm also really interesting to be member of the Facebook group. Could be nice if you add me ;)
Guys could you add me as well? Thanks a lot!
TFEU does that?
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German, French, Dutch law and PECL ascribe to the receipt theory. NOT the dispatch theory. Sorry!
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