Business and Politics in Europe

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Could anyone repost Brexit Case Study?
Does anyone have the notes of the last two lectures and would not mid sharing them?
Does someone want to be the hero of the class and upload the Brexit case study?
+ all the other HBR articles ^^
Uploaded the Brexit Case Study
Does someone want to be the hero of the class and upload the 21st century populism case study?
I uploaded :)
ur a hero!!
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Update : I forgot to include Proposition 5a and 5b. You can find them on the left side of p.832 in the article
How many articles have to be included in the exam paper?
Dont think there is a max or min on it just dont fuck up the references
Assignment: Identify one factor in our literature and trace how it is one of the causes of a crisis of the EU. What does he mean by one factor ? do you have any example please ??? thanks
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no because a factor can change ( it can grow and/or decline ) and brexit is a fact not a variable
Do you know how many articles we have to include in the paper?
Hey! Does anyone know which are going to be the relevant readings for the exam paper?
I guess all readings are relevant..