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Does anyone know when we’re suppose to get the results for the resit from yesterday?
Anyone who's done a resit before, do they keep the tests similar or do they completely change the structure and all? Did you find the resit harder than the first exam? :))
Hey, does anyone have notes from the exam inspection in Body & Behaviour?? Would be super helpful :))
Hey, do you guys know what kind of updates were made in BB this year? Doing the resit and I am from year 1. Did your mentor mentioned something? Like in Task 5, it is written, that they added the visual system, but I cannot find anything in the literature. Thanks for your help in advance <3
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Thank you. Really helpful, but from 60 onwards the answer doesn’t make sense at all most of the time
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can you maybe upload your Answer key please.? I m sometimes not sure about my answers :)
i think the answer key is right, you just have to move all answers one up as there are also 108 q and 107 answers. Starts somewhere at around 60 i guess :)
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Very nice summary! Thanks :D
Thank you ;)
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Where did you get them from ?
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are you sure that the answer key is 100 % correct, some answers are really weird, like 62.
No, I am not sure I also find some questions that I am 100% that is a different answer..
Do you know if there are any more practice exam available than those poor 9 questions he offered on the Student Portal? :)
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Sooo nice, what is it called?
hey guys does any of you have notes on the third lecture of body and behaviour the quality of the audio is really bad and there’s no slide...
Yeah I'll post a document
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is there an answer key?
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beatriz which books do you use for your summaries?
for this summary: - breedlove chapter 4 - pinel chapter 15 - carlson chapter 18 <3
oh for the summaries in general although pinel is my fav book I add information from the other two books, as well as Carter's 'The human brain book' but the latter is really not detailed and is more of a 'human brain for dummies'
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Is it possible for you to upload all your summaries as word documents as well?
thank you so much!
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your summaries are really good thanks a lot ! :)
thank you!! <3
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Hey! Your summaries are great! Do you have them in docx?
hey its you again!! of course i do, wait for it (3,2,1...)
Thank you so much!! You're very funny
Can anyone recommend one elective for period 3?
Coding and entrepeneurship seemed to be the most interesting courses imho
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could you possibly post it as a word document too? thank you so much!!
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imma post the docx with the update!! thank you!!
ok im confused so lets just say that it has high spatial resolution although it is blurred lolilol
I've found several articles in the internet saying, that MEG has also a high spatial resolution
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Robert, a 25 year old Hispanic male, is 230 lbs overweight. Because of health reasons, Robert has tried exercising and dieting but the most amount of weight he's lost is 5-10 lbs. Even when he's lost weight, he always gains it back and some more. Robert lives at home with supportive parents who have tried to help him loose weight throughout his entire life, as this has been an issue for Robert since childhood. Robert feels frustrated and strongly believes that there must be something wrong with his body because no one else in his family is overweight. Robert claims he's always hungry and whenever he has tried fasting, he feels very anxious and ends up eating more.
Are there any recomandations for chapters that we should include ?
Do you have tips for the BB exam? :)
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read questions carefully!
Watch the lectures and only the lectures... Don't study too much as well.
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crazy ahahah
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what about the right answers?
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did you make this one?
HALO!! Does someone know if theyare going to upload an example exam for this course?
just uploaded one
Does someone have a summary of the problem 3 of Body and Behavior ? About the synapses and drugs etc? Would be really useful :)
i just uploaded one :)
I also uploaded one a couple of months ago :)
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Notes made from Pinel
Here I made some (a lot of) flashcards guys, feel free to use them and to suggest corrections. I'll upload more as we study ! :) Cheers!
(this site, for people who did not know it, allows you to create your own flashcards, it is REALLY HANDY... there is also an app, so you can download the cards you made on your phone! Give it a try !!
Is it not damage to the Basal Ganglia, which causes Parkinson's?
Nope. Parkinson's symptoms are caused by the degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in the Substantia nigra and the nigro-striatal pathway, both of which are part of the midbrain. The document is a bit imprecise, but correct. Edit: Just saw that some books count the Substantia nigra as part of the Basal Ganglia (which is also a part of the midbrain), so seems like technically we're all correct ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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there is a small mistake, if you get addicted you will have LESS receptors
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escitotoxic lesion and sham lesion are missing? Thank you for uploading ;)
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thank you so much for these well structured and good understandable summaries everytime :)) !
Thank you! I'm glad they are of use to you :)