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When will be MC answers published?
They have been published under course materials --> Examination material --> Resit
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Do you also have the answers?
Where can I find the answers from past exams of intro to law?
On student portal, the answers of the first sit and the previous exam that they've made available are on there.
Can anyone upload the resit and model answers of 2017/2018?
Can anyone upload the first sit, please? I can't find mine
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I mean the multiple questions, they are not on the student portal. I want to go over them again but I cant find my exam paper.
They have the answers to multiple questions but not the questions
Does anyone know the structure of the Exam Resit, is it MC+ Open questions or is it only Open questions?
same as the 1st sit, MC and 3 open questions
Is the resit exam more complex/harder to pass than the first one?
Known to be slightly more difficult yes
Hi everyone, does anyone have notes on Competition Law theories. specifically "Mill's Theory."
Are you sure you wrote for the true course?
What did you think of the exam?
Does anyone know which cases we need to study for the exam?
All of the ones in the Ereader
Van Gend& Loos and Costa/ Enel briefly explain please?
Van Gend & Loos: the outcome of the case is that individual citizens of the EU can claim rights from EU laws to their national country because EU law applies directly to its citizens and grants rights as well as obligations. Costa/Enel: the outcome of the case is that EU law prevails over more recent legislation from the member states.
Are they asking from earlier questions? Because past exams are not available in anywhere
They might take some of the old questions. But I highly doubt it. Most likely they will make new questions and take a few of the older question but formulate them differently.
Whats the best way to prepare for the exam? (some study tips please, besides summaries)
Make practice exams and study the topics you struggled with.
indirect / direct / conditional intent ?????? CRIMINAL LAW
Direct Intent: knowing and wanting, the consequence of an intention is desired. Indirect Intent: degree of knowledge, awareness of certainty, offender knows that his conduct will fulfil the legal elements of the offence Conditional Intent (Germany, Netherlands): conscious risk-taking, foresees consequence but accepts it, if risk does not materialise there is still conditional intent
can somebody explain normative and descriptive aspect of all the philosophers mentioned?
This summary could probably help you: at the beginning it explains the difference between normative and descriptive, then it explains the theories of every single philosopher and at the end there is a table that orders the philosophers in descriptive and normative.
Whats the difference between the possession and detentorship ?
possession is when you have a factual relationship between the object and the person, whereas detentorship is when you have factual control over the object of right but on behalf of someone else. Also, you can vindicate the object in possession, but not in detentorship
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ATTENTION: you have to download the list to be able to click on the links
thank you so much man appreciate it
Hi, does anyone know how to do question A on task 26?
if you want to i can show you how to do it, i did it very well
Hey everyone)) Does anyone know will the lecture recordings on EU law, Tax and International law be uploaded on student portal?
soon dw ;)
Does anyone have any past papers for Intro to Law?
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yeah I figured that ! what a bunch of horse shit..
yes bro haha
can a detentor give someone the right of pledge even though they dont have possession of an object?
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3:88 has little to with this case @wang li, since this article only gives protection (under certain preconditions) to someone that receives an immoveable good from a person that was not the owner said good.
"Nemo dat quod non habet! "No one can transfer a right that he/she does not hold in the first place. A detentor only has a limited right of dispose of the object (factual possession). Thus he/she cannot transfer any other property right than what he holds (namely, detentorship). This transfer may be also limited further though, but remember this little latin sentence ;)
Hey! Anyone have the rest of the summaries uploaded on 2018-09-30? Author of those summaries did really good job! I really enjoyed those but never downloaded them and now rest of the documents are missing :(
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I uploaded now all of them + a list of summaries with all links
hello, I was simply wondering whether a right of pledge in property law can trump a right of ownership in a court case?
The limited property right (pledge) prevails over the fuller property right (ownership). Otherwise there would be little use in securing a claim via a pledge.
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Very complete, thank you ?
you're welcome
if someone borrows 50000 from a bank, 10000 from a friend and 15000 from another friend and has only 40000 euros, is all this money going to pay the bank? i'm so confused with paritas creditorum
yes paritas creditorum only applies to personal claims, a claim from a bank would be a secondary property right and that trumps personal claims :)
Are we allowed to bring our Maastricht Collection with us to the exam (resit)
I don't think you can no
Does anyone know if the resit is going to be multiple choice or open answer?
40 multiple choice questions and 2 open questions I beleive.. just like the exam we had in october
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Hey ! I was wondering if you had summaries on the other chapters? (Constitutional, Tax, Administrative,..). Your summaries are amazing thank you so much for sharing them !
sure absolutely, i'm finishing up all my summaries right now and will upload them asap! i'm glad someone else finds them useful :)
Great !! Thanks !
Are these going to be on the exam?
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Shawn, this is Maastricht University !:)
Ahahaha I know girl, i'm asking not for me but my friend hahaha
Thanks so much for all these summaries! So helpful((: