Hey guys, can anyone do me a huge favor and post the Course Manual? I'm only taking the resit and don't have access to the student portal anymore :)
do you have it by now?
anyone up for a resit study group? :)
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yes, I am in D;
but the grades are online now so don't think complain will still help?
Can someone help me out with the practical about neural basis of decision making? I have read Spronk et al., but I cannot make sense of these silly screenshots! 1. On the top left it is written either "Peak correct" or "Peak incorrect " in red. For instance, in Step 15 in the practical instructions it is written ". The ‘peak correct’ average is now overlaid as a red line on top of the ‘peak incorrect’ average". This means that we are comparing the grand average of correct trials to the average of incorrect trials. The Spronk study is comparing correct and incorrect responses in placebo, cannabis and cocaine conditions (look at figure 2 of the article). However, I do not have a placebo condition of correct and incorrect trials... how can I than compare the graphs to a baseline? 2. I don´t have any amplitude values. When I look at my Y axis on the graphs of both the cannabis and the cocaine condition (so on 2 different screenshots), I read something close to -3,4 mV for both! Spronk reported for Cocaine ERN = -9.63 Pe= 8.32 ; for Placebo: ERN = -8.21 Pe= 6.68 and for Cannabis ERN = -6.51 Pe= 5.34 , which is absolutely not the case in any of my screenhsots! Help is highly appreciated!
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Do you have more of these amazing overviews?
I did not finalise them on my computer, but I can upload the scratches I prepared on paper.
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omg this is PERFECT thank you!!!
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do you have summarus of the rest of the tasks?
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Your summaries are THE BEST! I owe you half my degree
hahah Thanks good luck for the exam cheers !
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I love your summary! Do you have by any chance also summaries for the other tasks of Action? Thanks for sharing :)
thank you! not yet, but I will upload them once I made them
I can only second what the "credit card" said. :D If you have any other summaries you could upload, I'd be more than grateful! :)
hey! can someone maybe post an overview of which brain region is meant by what? there were some articles using different names for the same area but I do not know that anymore and my tutor also did not get the differences... the only thing I know is : Lateral PFC = inferior frontal junction (Task 2)
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amazing work, thanks
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keep up the good work
Thanks! I am doing my best haha
Leonie xxx, could you maybe upload your summaries for the other tasks, as well? :) e.g. task 3 in action
Anyone with a summary for the Cisek article Task 8? Would be sooo helpful!!
There is a mistake here, monitoring conflict is more a part of dACC/MCC, SFG is more for response selection
Where did you find that? Isn't this stating what you said initially?
It was said like this in my tutorial, we made a distinction between conflict monitoring and response selection and said the first is a role of the dACC and the second of the SFG... maybe it would make sense to write Peter or ask it on the discussion board?
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Your summaries keep together my will to live
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occasionally it says GBi and GBe, but oviously it is supposed to say GPi and GPe. Sorry for the inconvenience
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Nice. Appreciate, thanks! Do you still remember the sources? Would be really helpful to learn it by heart while reading the appropriate articles.
I used the study drive summaries and lectures :-) I don't know which articles specifically but I recommend first reading/learning the summaries (Hannah Klee, Lorenzo whatever) and then reading the main articles to grasp the whole concept. Good Luck
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