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become a Course Expert?

  • Earn up to 500€ for something you are doing anyways – creating study materials for your courses
  • Our Course Experts tell us that they are more motivated to study and improved their grades
  • Enjoy the benefits of a completely flexible job - by planning your workload for yourself
  • Boost your CV with a letter of recommendation from our CEO and get exclusive contacts to our partners

does a Course Expert do?

  • Regularly upload your study materials like lecture notes, summaries or task solutions to Studydrive. You can also share your old documents and earn money with them instead of letting them get dusty on your hard drive.
  • Lead by example and grow the idea of a sharing community among your fellow students. Promote your documents to your classmates and see how the community will prosper and your documents will help hundreds of students.
You are in great company
Hear what 3 of our over 150 current Course Experts say
“Last semester I earned
260€ and had almost no
extra work!”
Luca Hänßel
Master student at
HSG St. Gallen
“Being a Course Expert motivated me to regularly make notes, which also improved my grades.”
Gina Kuhr
Bachelor student at
Bremen University
“I really appreciate the fact that I’m helping future generations of students by being a Course Expert”
Markus Hahn
Bachelor student at
Maastricht University
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