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Studydrive, the free community for study materials

Every student faces a certain problem: During the semester or a few days before the exams every student needs to grasp as much content as possible and to study very efficiently to pass the exams. Summaries, lecture notes and other study materials of classmates can help. Or a students missed a lecture and needs to repeat it with the help of a friend's lecture notes. However, to get these materials the students regularly face a difficult challenge. One needs to ask hundreds of classmates and even if one finds someone who has the particular materials, they often do not want to share it. There is no central database where all materials can be accessed easily and free of charge.

Or is there? Studydrive is a free collaboration platform for students. Students from hundreds of universities use Studydrive to share their study materials, like summaries, lecture notes, case solutions etc. with their course and access them from everywhere on all devices. And it is more then just a well-structured database for fast access of materials. With our reward system students are encouraged to share their materials. Hence, a bigger database is created which will benefit future generations of students. The knowledge of generations of students will be stored and made available for all fellow students even in upcoming years. Thus, the students will have more time for things that really matter: Digging deeper into their topics, creating a network and following their passions.

Studydrive is free of charge. Our startup is financed by partnerships with top-employers who engage in sustainable employer branding with highly specialized targeting on our platform. Imageads, job-offers and internships can be advertised close to the target group on a university, major and course-level. With this top students of Germany and across Europe can be reached in an innovative way.