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Studydrive, the community for study materials and course discussions

Every student knows the problem: You missed a lecture and you need to follow up on it with the help of other lecture notes. Or: A few days before the exams you need to grasp as much content as possible and have unanswered questions. Summaries, lecture notes and other students expertise can help. Even if you find someone who has proper study materials, they often hesitate to share them. Why isn’t there a central point where you can store and access all study materials as well as address all your questions? That’s what we thought too and built Studydrive.

Studydrive is a collaboration platform for students

Studydrive offers students a platform for the digital exchange of study materials and enables them free access to thousands of documents like summaries, lecture notes or exam questions across different generations and universities. Students from hundreds of universities benefit from the collective knowledge of their courses and can access Studydrive from any device. They can easily follow up on their lectures and are better prepared for exams by using top-students lecture notes, summaries and exam questions as well as using the Q&A to get all their questions answered. In that way students have more time for things that really matter: Digging deeper into their topics, creating a network and following their passions.

Studydrive rewards diligent students

We’ve created a “Sharing is Caring”-community where students love to help each other by sharing their study materials and answering each others questions. In addition we reward diligent students by giving them Credits for shared documents which they can redeem into pretty cool rewards.

Studydrive is and will remain free of charge

Studydrive is free of charge for every student. Our startup is financed by partnerships with top-employers who can post job-offers and internships to the target group that is most interesting for them. So we can make sure that employers reach the students they want and students get very interesting job and internship possibilities that fit their studies and interests.

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